eBay pulled my auction!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Ahhh! I'm fuming! eBay canceled my auction a few hours ago saying I had "violated copyright protections" by listing my Chanel bag! This was a 10-day auction and they canceled it in the last 2 hours! :cursing: Mind you, I have over 60 feedbacks, a 100% rating, and a history of buying and selling authentic goods. I posted 12 pictures and three paragraphs to accurately describe the bag, and it came with the original store tag as well as all of the accompaning authenticity cards. It was bid up to almost $600 and I was so excited at the prospect of putting it toward an Hermes :crybaby: What did I do wrong?
  2. It is my understanding that Ebay's target of the week is Chanel. I'm sorry this happened to you. :sad:
  3. I haven't sold Chanel, but have recently sold LV and was worried about this happening. I sent pictures to MyPoupette and paid the $5.00 per item to have it authenticated, then stated in the auction that it had already been authenticated by MyPoupette, and would provide documentation (as well as my receipt). I also did not use any language from LV or eLuxury (sometimes sellers copy their descriptions). I don't know if this made any difference in eBay not pulling the auction, but it may have contributed to the great amounts I ended up getting for each item, because it diminished the fear of the items being fake, so I feel the $5.00 and the trouble of pre-sending pics was worth it.
    Sorry this happend to you, what a drag!!! :hysteric: :hysteric: :hysteric:
  4. Don't take it personally. Ebay has been on a rampage with designer bags. Also, Chanel's Vero has been very active and pulling anything with their name on it. You'll most likely have to have someone who can sell it, consign it for you. If you relist it, it will only be pulled again. Sorry this has happened to you.

  5. What an excellent idea? It must be a bit of a hassle but in the long run would pay off, plus the buyer knows they are buying an authentic bag.
  6. You should write to ebay. Since their new policies are in effect, they are really cracking down. Either that, or someone reported it. Usually if ebay pulls an auction, it usually happens early in the auction.
  7. Not nessesarily. The auction can be pulled at any time. The Vero rep has to inform eBay about the violation, and eBay will pull it whenever. Even if she writes to eBay, they'll grant her permission to relist it, but it will be pulled again since the Vero rep has already listed the seller ID as a potential problem member. This is happening with many Chanel sellers right now. One seller has been granted permission 4 times to relist one bag, but it keeps getting pulled.
  8. oh no, i'm so sorry to hear that.

    ebay did the same with my auction, saying it's a counterfeit. :sad:
  9. Someone may have reported your listing also. Possibly one of those scumbag sellers of fake bags or another seller who didnt want the competition with your auction. Anything is possible.
  10. :mad: I got the same thing! I am selling an LV, had over 30 watchers and 9 days into the auction, they pulled b/c I used the words "Like New", which it absolutely is, the vachetta ahsn't even turned.

    Anyhoo, I was so irrate! :mad:So I relisted it and w/only a day left I have like 7 watchers. Sucks. I also realized my shipping options were changed to a flat rate, so when I went to edit to calculate to buyers locations, they said I couldn't list b/c my paypal account wasn't verified, B@::@#$t!!!:cursing:

    I am so glad that ebay is cracking down on counterfeiters, but why are their auctions still up and they are messing with mine??? Can't they see the difference, it couldn't be more obvious that all the other bags listed don't have cell phone pockets and suddenly one does for $110 PLEASE!!!

    This is only the second time I have sold something and I don't think ebay's antics are worth it.... I'll keep my bag, and my sanity.

    Sorry for the rant!:rant:
  11. I will only give my old bags to friends or sell them via a consignment shop now. I sell other stuff on ebay, but when I went to try and sell an older purse ebay pulled my listing almost immediately. I don't understand how they target at all since I had the receipt, I keep almost all of them, dustcover and included very detailed pictures and style numbers. Why why WHY when you can find NUMEROUS fake auctions on ebay. I would NEVER buy a purse off of ebay, except for from a couple of verified sellers.

    Are they throwing darts at various auctions to decide who gets taken off?
  12. That sucks - e-mail ebay and get someone to explain why exactly your auction was pulled.
  13. Yes exactly Donna!
    Something should be done about fake bag sellers, but a competitor/self appointed expert that reports auctions just for the hell of it is happening more and more.:cursing:
  14. oh, that sux! i second contacting ebay to see why your auction was pulled when it's authentic. see if they will allow you to relist too.
  15. well, i think ebay may be cracking down because theres too many knockoffs out there. Its xmas time and even more fake bags out there. but then again there are also sellers who report you for the sake of reporting you cause they wanna eliminate the competition. if its not one violation its another. *sigh*