Ebay problem!

  1. I purchased and paid for a necklace for my daughter's bday on Dec 4; I sent a note saying that I needed the item by Dec 15. I sent 3 messages total and finally on Dec 16, I received a message from seller saying that he was responding to my messages, but I was somehow not receiving them. (yeah right!) I then got a message saying that my package was being shipped on the 19th! 15 days AFTER I bought it and 4 days AFTER I needed it. I sent another message that was again ignored.
    Today I log into my eBay account to give the seller negative feedback and I notice that the sale has been cancelled, but no money has been refunded. I am so mad! What do I do now? I can't even dispute it with eBay because all records of the transaction on MyEbay page are gone!
  2. You meant the whole listing is gone? That means either this seller's id was "unregistered", or there is something wrong with seller's account so those incomplete transactions were canceled. You could file "Item Not Received - You didn't receive your item" claim with eBay. If eBay fail to respond, you could file a charge back via your credit card company. You paid with cc via PayPal, didn't you?
  3. WHAT?? Sellers on eBay MUST ship the item within 7 days according to eBay's policies. Doesn't surprise me that this guy is NARU now--although that usually doesn't mean that the entire auction listing is gone poof.
    You can still file a claim with PayPal through the PayPal payment page.
  4. If I were you, I would utilize the Live Help option on your ebay homepage. 15 days is not at all acceptable. Did you pay with Paypal? I would open a dispute that the item was not received.
  5. Yeah, check with ebay first and then go on to file a claim with paypal.

  6. Actually ebay suggest you ship it within 7days, you MUST ship it within 7days to be covered by paypals Seller protection, but technically you have 30 days to ship according to the federal trade commission.....but that is just bad business.

    You probably can't see the transaction because of the way you have your settings. Go to your ebay transactions page, above your current transactions on the right side, you should see a drop down menu. You can change the time that your past transactions will be displayed.
  7. Wow so sorry this happened. Paypal will have record of the transaction (if you used that method, sounds like you did?). Go directly to Paypal and search for payment-sent transactions on the date you paid. From there you should be able to "file a dispute" for "item not received" which is applicable in this instance. You will be given the option to also "escalate to a claim", if I were you I would do so immediately. Filing for a dispute alone does not get your money back, all it does is provide for seller and buyer to try to work things out, and I think you are past that point. So go the next step and escalate to a claim. You should win the process because #1 the seller missed the 7-day deadline to ship and #2 the auction was pulled by eBay.