Ebay Problem

  1. I was selling a Dodge sprinter trucks from my bf's old business. I sold them on ebay but I didn't receive the money from one of the men. He stopped answering my phones etc and I thought ok forget him and I sold it someone else. Than he winner left me bad feedback saying he won the item but didn't get it. I didn't want to leave him back feedback because I had sold the truck and I didn't want bad feedback from him just because I left it for him , so I decided to let it go. Now what do I do, people are just out to get you on ebay! WHy in the world if he never paid me and never tried to reach me, would he leave me negative feedback????:cry:
  2. I'm sorry this happened to you. (((hugs))))
  3. hmm... ok, I'm trying to be very understanding of his situation...

    Maybe after he won the auction, he found out he didn't have the money to pay for it, so just decided to ignore you as a way of getting out of it. However, now he has come into some money and wants the item, so he left you negative feedback?
  4. Even if he couldn't pay he still could have sent an email and explained himself. I would ask the "winner" to retract his feedback. He didn't pay you and he was in the wrong. You absolutely could leave him negative feedback for non-payment/communication if he doesn't retract.
  5. Aw, he's a fool, one bit of bad feedback shouldn't make too much diff though - I've bid on people with less than 100% so long as it looked like it was a one off, or reasonable - and can't you reply to it outlining what happened - I've seen feedback replied to but not sure if they stopped that function?

    Also, next time you don't get the $$$ within a reasonable period file a Non Paying Bidder report, that way you're covered wiv da boys from da Bay. ;)

  6. Or you tell him, that you had to pay the ebay fees twice because he did not pay!!! And of course, you could claim this money back, But you are going to forget it, if he retracts his feedback?
  7. PS people aren't out to get you on e-Bay, they just sometimes mess up or don't do the right thing :sad: and pardon me if the spirit of Easter has me LOL :love: :amazed: but don't we all do that on some level - and the more we know it's wrong the worse it is that we do it at all, so, deal with the consequences so you come out as the honest person you are, if at all possible, but let go of him ;) and don't let it sour you, there are millions of great transactions each week on the Bay and one bad feedback doesn't mean jack.

  8. You can respond to his feedback on your feedback. Just explain that he was a non-paying bidder. This happens a lot.
  9. You can file a claim with ebay, seller did not pay. Ebay will then go back to the seller advising him to pay, if he does not, ebay will then remove the negative feedbak he has written & you will then have the option of leaving feedback but he will not. Good Luck
  10. yup. npb. don't you love when other people are wrong, and they take it out on you? i'm sorry.
  11. thank you! good advice.
  12. Geez, why do people bid if they don't want to pay? Why not be in touch with you if there is a problem? All kinds of people on ebay I guess...good luck Minnie and let us know how it turns out.
  13. thanks a lot. I filed a report with ebay that he did not pay. How long will it take. How do I go about asking them to take back his feedback.
  14. My problem is that I have two negative feedbacks now. My first one was from a guy who purchased something from me and I was waiting for his money to be approved by paypal because italways said pending. He left me feedback saying I never provided him with the item but it was only 7 days after the auction ended! I emailed him and explained there was no need for that cause I was waiting for his money to be approved and I wouldn't send something out unless it was approved. It was a whole big deal because he ended up taking the money back, and that prolonged the process!! He never showed up on ebay again. I tried to ask him to mutually withdraw eachothers feedbacks but he never did business on ebay again. :sad:
  15. Check and see if he is even a registered user still. That may be the difference. You can put your details in under his comments as a reply too. Geez, what a lot of hassles?!