Ebay problem with refund?

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  1. Sorry if this is not the right forum.

    But I bought a VERY expensive watch via ebay a few weeks ago, left positive feedback the same day as it arrived, and then had my heart sink into my boots the day after when it stopped working.

    I raised a dispute as the seller kept saying things like: 'give it more time.. buy a new battery..' and the seller said he refunded on Friday 16th jan.

    I keep asking Paypay when I will get my money back and although they initially said 7-9 days as it was paid by echeque (now what the devil is that??) they are now saying 7-10 working days, which is past that anyway.

    I'm really furious about this but when I phone, I get kept on hold for ages on the premium rate number and experiences platitudes and 'oh just wait you have no reason to be worried'

    When I email, I get dismissive emails saying my refund it on its way. I just don't believe these 'echeques' surely it doesn't take 10 working days to clear??

    And it is now over this time, please, what can I do? Who can I complain to? It seems like I'm getting nowhere complaining to them...:tdown:
  2. First we need more information.

    How did you pay for this item?

    When you refer to the 'echeque' above, do you mean that paypal is saying the seller has issued you a refund by echeque and it is taking time to clear? If so, you should have a transaction showing pending in your paypal account.

    echeques do take several days to clear. I've paid for things by echeques a few times (usually use CC) and they do take forever to clear.

    Also, this will probably get moved to the ebay forum.
  3. Whoops, I had a vague recollection of an ebay forum but then wasn't sure whereabouts it was! Apologies if I'm being dim, I'm a bit tired.

    I paid via paypal using a debit card, but sent the item back via recorded delivery (which the seller acknowledged, and has indeed been trying to sell the item for over a week now on ebay).

    I'm just really frustrated as their customer service is very poor and it's over the alloted time for the money to be paid back. They say it's as the seller refunded using an echeque.

    I'd like to make a complaint as it's just not on but am not sure how to go about it?
  4. You didn't answer my other questions above so I can't really do much else to help until I understand what PP is telling you and if you have a pending credit showing up in your account waiting to clear.
  5. Hi, no pending credit is showing.

    Paypal stated that a refund was issued on 16th Jan (as the seller said) and it was being 'reviewed by Paypal'.

    They did say it was an echeque and would take 7-9 days to clear and then amended it to 7-10 days when it hadn't happened within timescales, I am just getting so frustrated with them and doubting the way they operate.

    Thanks for taking the time to answer my question.
  6. As far as I know Paypal gives you an estimated time of completion - but it is only an estimate and this can change depending on the seller's bank policies. The key here is whether the seller's bank account has enough in it to debit a check and/or if the bank is willing to allow an overdraft on seller's account for over certain dollar amounts. So the estimated processing timeframe that Paypal needs in order to completely process this check can change if (1)check is declined by the bank and Paypal has to resubmit the check, (2) if the seller bank policies require longer processing times and (3) if this was an international transaction, then this will definitely require longer and varying processing times due to time zones and exchage rates.

    In situations like this, is really important to stay on top of the seller and make sure that the refund is completed. Hopefully you did buy from a good seller, did you do your homework and check the feedback, seller history, and all of that?