Ebay problem with bidder- unauthorized use of account

  1. Has anyone ever had an item purchased, then eBay letting them know the item was purchased without the account holders authorization ?
    I thought I had sold a LV bracelet this afternoon, but not even 15 min after the purchase eBay sent me an email saying -
    "The results of the following listings have been cancelled due to bidding activity that took place without the account owner's authorization"
    They went on to say that they have suspended that account and are refunding my listing fees etc, but they void the listing. so now my listing has vanished:hysteric: - I have to start all over again with a new listing. I have emailed eBay and they said they are sorry for the inconvience etc.
  2. Yes! this has happened to me twice in one week. I was going to post on it, but had not had a chance.

    Last week someone bought a Dior bag I had on BIN with best offer. I thought it odd that they didn't even send a best offer, but figured they really wanted it. I sent an invoice and waited. After a few days with no response I went to send them an e-mail and saw that they had gone from an 8 positive to a -2. When I checked they had all negatives from recent activity. Someone had hijacked their account and made all high end purchases. After a hassle with ebay I relisted my item and 2 days later it happened AGAIN!!!!! I saw it this morning and right away knew it was not good. I contacted ebay, but they had no evidence that it was fradulent. So I did some detective work on my own and realized that at around the same time, this person had purchased a prada and chanel (and probably others) on BIN. Their previous activity did not show this type of purchases so I knew. I had to call ebay again and show them the activity.

    They credited my fees again and I will have to relist. I will not do BIN again though. This is to much of a hassle and takes too much time. I asked them if this was common and they said it was actually pretty rare. I don't know how you can explain though that it happened to me 2 times in one week!

    Did you have yours on BIN? I wonder if it was the same person? Was it around 8:30 pst? From a German buyer?
  3. Hi thanks for sharing- mine was with a NYC based account and I did have it on a BIN. I saw the email saying the LV bracelet sold and I send an invoice. About 15 min later I got the message from ebay-I'm glad I didn't have to wait as long as you did to find out it was a hacked account. I just finished retyping the listing- I followed a TPF members suggestion and added the immediate payment with paypal to it - now it will take a few hours for it to show up again- :sad: ugh. I did notice that there was another ebay account doing a lot of LV BIN's this afternoon- as a precaution I added them to my blocked bidders list. Hope all goes well with your future listings:yes:
  4. Sabi, I think the Prada bag was me! It happened this morning. I thought it was so strange and even told my DH that the person had used BIN even though I was accepting best offers. Was the person in Germany? I don't ship outside the US, so I contacted ebay about that, but a few minutes later got that same email from ebay. Crazy!!!
  5. Sabi, I just read the rest of your post and it must have been the same person from Germany. Did the person have around 69 positive feedbacks? Crazy...

    You can imagine my disappointment, as I was already (in my mind) unto my next purse purchase with that money. lol
  6. I had emailed the person and everything, saying I don't normally ship to Germany but would if she paid today. Sucker! lol
  7. :yes: Yes me too
  8. Actually, when I saw the bag had sold this morning at the BIN price I suspected it immediatly and instead of being happy that my bag sold I was so mad! That was a first!!!!!:cursing:

    I bet is was the same one the id was mihynne or something like that (I remember how it sounds).

    It's crazy, I have sold bags in the past this way and this has never happened before and now twice in one week:shrugs: !
  9. Yep, that was the same person!!! Well, either it is very coincidental that we found each other, OR this is happening a lot more than ebay is letting on! Crazy!!!!
  10. Happened to me once:yucky: Just make sure you check your ebay account that they've refunded ALL your fees as they didn't refund my final value fee last time and I've to ask for it:s
  11. Yes happened to me before too....
    Make sure you check that all your listing fees and FVF has been refunded.
  12. i emailed ebay and told them to refund my fvf fee and listing fees and they said they did. but they didn't so i just had to email them again. ughhhhh makes me so made.
  13. I had to ask for it back too- they refunded it within an hour of receiving my email
  14. Thanks to you guys, I checked and what do you know...my fees were refunded...but not the big $34.50 final value fee. I had to ask for it back and the Live Help did it right there on the spot. Seriously, what is wrong with that picture?! Only people who follow up get the bigger refund? It's just not right!