Ebay problem-what would you do?

  1. Hi all, I just need to bounce this off someone and this place seems just full of great info -

    Anyway, I just sold a Banana Republic XL Pocket Tote for $349. I advertised as having been used once but still in new condition, which it truly was! My husband bought me a Kooba Marcelle for Mother's Day and I just didn't think I'd end up using the BR tote very much. It was a hard decision for me, because I really LOVED this bag -but it was just too similar functionally to my Marcelle. Soooo, I lovingly wiped this bag with leather conditioner, wrapped it in it's dust bag, then white tissue and mailed it off. Now the buyer is complaining that it has 2 small ink spots on the outside and a scuff mark! She's asking for a refund even though my ad clearly states I don't do refunds. I'm worried that maybe she ruined the bag just to get a refund?!! My sister saw the bag before I mailed it and almost purchased it from me because it was so pretty (she decided it was too much $$$ for her at the moment).

    The pictures I took of the bag were just before I listed it and there simply was nothing on the bag! I'm not sure how to handle this. I want to be fair but I'm afraid she's scamming me and I'm going to get a ruined bag back from her in the mail.:mad: What should I do? I actually had a lot of activity/questions on my listing, but I truthfully just don't want to deal with selling again. I don't think I like EBAY:sad: .
  2. I've just been through an ordeal with someone on Ebay. How long did she have the bag? Did she contact you as soon as she received the bag or did she wait a couple of days. How did you ship it? Are you able to trace back when she received it? If she waited a few days, I would tell her that the bag was in pristine condition and that you advertised it correctly.
    It's easier to fight this with Paypal if she took a few days to contact you about it.
  3. First thing I would do is check the buyer's feedback. That will usually tell you what kind of person you are dealing with. Does she have negatives, is she combative or rude with her feedbacks? etc..
  4. I think she just recieved it today and contacted me immediately. I checked her feedback scores and everything she's left seems to be very positive -she's recieved 2 negatives for non-pay but that's not really applicable here. I'm really frustrated. Do you think she just changed her mind and doesn't like the bag? Maybe I should just take the hit, refund the money and hope the bag is in the same condition I shipped it in. I'm afraid if I ask for pictures she'll damage the bag just to prove it's damaged. This seems like a lose-lose to me:yucky: .
  5. Well.. I think only you would really know the true condition of the bag. Did the bag have small penmark and a scuff marK? If the bag was in perfectly mint condition.. you know the buyer is going thru buyer's remorse. If that's the case.. I would let her know that all sales were final and you do not give refunds.. case closed but if the buyer is telling the truth about the condition, I would ask her to send it back for refund or if she still wants it maybe refund partial.
  6. I know the bag was in mint condition. I have poured over my pictures of the bag trying to see what she says is there, but it just isn't -unless she's added it since she got it! I think I'm going to have to stand by my no-return policy - stated as nicely as possible of course:flowers: . I happen to have a good ink remover that works extremely well on leather I could reccomend???? (which I would have used on the bag if it had had ink on it before shipping!!!)