Ebay problem- need advice!!!!!

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  1. I bought something from eBay last night and found out it was fake. i wrote him last night for a refund- he was really nasty and said it was already sent- and i have trouble believing that b/c he bought the label electronically today- same time zone. He said he would refund my money -FV fees and shipping...do you think that's fair??? He can get his FV back through a request

    What can I do about this?
    Can a dispute be won? or should I just keep the item? It doesn't pay to send it back....
  2. if you paid by paypal i would just wait until it comes and file a dispute under item not as described or something... if they want any paperwork or proof take lots of pictures and tell paypal that he claimed he already sent the item and only after that did you get notification for shipment. hopefully they'll be on your side since you might be able to show proof (if you have emails?) of the times he sent you messages and delivery confirm and they'll see he lied about that so he probably lied about the bag. you also tried to contact him ahead of time... first though try to ask if he'll refund you the money if you mail it back to him so paypal will see you're trying to work something out without their intervention (i think they like that :shrugs:)
  3. Sorry to hear that. You really have had a rough go of things lately. I hope you are able to get this issue resolved. Unfortunately I'm still a newb on eBay. So I would't be of any help. :shrugs:
  4. I would also advice going through paypal. Especially if he claims they are authentic, but the pictures show they are fake. Then you can argue item not as described.
  5. The item I won is not toki....it's actually a coach accessory...i just posted it here, b/c you girls are all so helpful and responsive and I was desperate. I paid through paypal..I sent every message through eBay...so all that is there...I have no real proof of when he got my message or when he bought the label...but the label was definitely bought after I asked for a return
    but not sure if after he got my email...I can't prove when he actually shipped it time-wise either...
    I was also thinking it might not be worth it to return it, because losing shipping both ways is close to the price i got it for...Seller is really nasty too

  6. this was his reply:

    [FONT=Arial, Verdana]Hello, you say you seen my remarks and other buyers found out what you are ASSuming? Well, you are sadly mistaken. Maybe you need to re-read my remarks and not ASSume! I've sold numerous of these keychains and have NEVER!! had a problem with them. So please don't come wtih me with some fake cr*p. Anyhow, your item has shipped. If you want a refund you can mail it back and I will refund your money minus shipping and ebay fees.[/FONT]

    * replaced letter a...
  7. If he does "mutual agreement not to complete transaction", he'll get back all his fees ( insertion & final fees ).

    To file claim, you need to get the item first then authenticate it to MyPoupette or CarolDiva ( I recomended CArolDiva, she's so responsive, you'll get reply within 12 hours ) and send the non-authentic-proof to PayPal.
  8. He has no right to charge you those lisitng fees - I would take it to paypal and file item not as described.
  9. Many tPFers here prefer to file as non-receive since PayPal won't take care for SNAD. Make sure your seller doesn't know you'll file dispute with PayPal so they'll send you w/o tracking number.
  10. Another thing is...I only have 6 feedbacks and am afraid to get a negative feedback, and I feel like he shipped it out of spite..even though he knew...
  11. when I paid...I asked for tracking...so he did that really fast.
  12. Can I get my shipping refunded, if item is lost in mail???? like my other package?

    I should right?? Will post office refund them??? Or is that only UPS?
  13. PayPal has different terms about "shipping refunded". Once, PayPal refund all my money incl. shipping but ever refunded me minus Euro 4 for their investigate fees. I believe if you file claim, then you win, PayPal will refund the amount you paid.
  14. So seller has tracking number? Send the auction page to CarolDiva.com or MyPoupette.com to authenticate it. Then after you receive item, you won't waste your time with take pics & authenticate, immediately file claim to PayPal.
  15. Why the heck is he capitalizing the A-S-S? What a rude seller. Don't even give him a feedback. If he gives you a negative, then give him one back and offer to show the rude email he sent you. Think about it this way, you have 6 feedback scores. I think you can start over, like close your account and reopent a new one? Not entirely sure. I think if he advertises your product as authentic, and it turns out not, you can still file a complaint. I've heard people do it a lot and paypal can refund your money. Something to do with their buyer protection.