ebay prices?!?!?!

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  1. So I just bought a Keepall 60 from eluxury and was looking at also getting a 45 for my better half. So I was looking on eBay for one and stumbled upon an auction for a brand new keepall 45 with a BIN of $1200. Now, keep in mind that this bag is available on eluxury for $1090. So what does the seller think is going to happen? Why would someone pay more for a bag on eBay.

    She even state that the reserve on the auction is set at the price on her reciept ($1197). This makes NO sense to me. Any opinions?
  2. Some sellers are really stupid lol I saw an ebene damier speedy 30 for like 800$ ...whatever
  3. I don't think it has anything to do with stupidity .... if you want to get what you paid for the bag, you have to think of all the fees, etc eBay and Paypal are charging you, kwim?
  4. well I agree, but do people actually pay retail on eBay for a bag that is easily available from eluxury?

    I just don't see how someone can think that they're going to get over retail or even close to it for something like a keepall.
  5. Maybe she has the optional shoulder strap??? I don't know.

    But I know some people on Ebay like to hike prices up to get profits!
  6. This has happened before with a Speedy and the seller nearly doubled the price and I think she sold quite a few at the end. I think some people will pay the extra because there are not many of that item at one period of time and they want it so much but dont live near an LV store or dont have an LV store in their country so people will pay the extra. :smile:
  7. i know! there has been like 3 damier speedy 40s on ebay for ages now, price = £415!!! Are they having a laugh!!
  8. If it was a LE i would expect this, but not on keepalls and speedys. Well they wont get a buyer in my opinion.
  9. That does seem odd. But the rule of thumb with searching for authentic LV is that no seller will take a significant loss on an item that is brand new and actually authentic LV. I personally really want to sell my items by the time I decide to let them go, so I price low. I'm sure they just want to make sure they take no loss. They might know little about LV and think it's rare. Eluxury wont ship to some places also, so maybe they have no choice. For me personally, it takes $60 in gas to get to and from my closest LV and it is TINY- so if it weren't for charge and send and ebay, I wouldn't be a LV collector! My boutique usually doesn't even carry the GM version of most bags and rarely have more than 1 of each thing to pick from, which isn't cool when buying mutlicolore cause you can't be choosy.