Ebay prices of WOC...so confused

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  1. Hello everyone,

    I do not currently own a chanel bag but I would definately like to in the future!

    From what I understand a quilted WOC is roughly 1700$ in Canada..and I assume close to the same price in the United States.

    Through investigating prices, I decided to search Ebay. What I found was somewhat shocking to me!

    Why...oh Why...are these WOC listed for 2000+ on ebay?

    Are these that hard to come by that sellers can charge more? I always thought the WOC was one of the more easily found and accessible bags? What is going on here?

    For example:

  2. WOCs are generally pretty hard to get, especially for popular classic colors like black and beige. Usually they're gone within a day or so :yes:
  3. I was wondering the same thing. The prices of the wocs on ebay are ridiculous. I think people have to pay 100-200 in fees so maybe that is why they price them higher? Wocs still come in often enough to the stores that I wouldn't buy it from ebay for a higher price. If you are in a rush and can't wait then it's an option. I doubt these high priced wocs are selling much on ebay.
  4. WOCs are generally so difficult to get hold of especially in Europe especially in seasonal colours and in caviar too! So to be honest a 200-300 markup on ebay isn't that bad if I wanted one desperately or didn't live close to a store.. Thats just my two cents though!
  5. Thank you for your help!!

    I think when I get one I will just put my name on the list at my local chanel if they don't have one in at that time. That seems like a better option than paying 400$ more for a bag that I will always wonder the authenticity! :smile:
  6. Definitely just get a WOC at a store. They have a ton of them all the time.
  7. Hello all, I was on a hunt for the WOC Classic Black Quilted Caviar w/GHW (which happens to be sold out everywhere) I was lucky to come across a SA at Saks in MD. He just got a few in today. if interested, give him a call. I am sure these they will sell out quick since it is so hard to find

    Sanford Reece Young
    Sales Consultant
    Chanel Handbags & Accessories

    Saks Fifth Avenue
    5555 Wisconsin Ave
    Chevy Chase, MD 20815
    t. 240.497.5358

    Cell: 901-672-4013

  8. OP- you should look on Bonanza.com. The WOC's on there are near the $2,000 mark, but there are a few cheaper ones, too. The fees are way less on Bonanza than on eBay, so maybe the sellers can charge less. Good luck!
  9. agreed - especially if you factor in tax and shipping
  10. Thanks for everyone's responses! I am in no rush to get one so I think I will just wait for them to come into my local store! Thanks guys!
  11. i think its because its just so hard to find! especially in gorgeous colors. I wouldnt mind paying a premium if i absolutely love it!
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  13. I don't think selling is allowed on purse forum.

    On another note, did you buy them just to resell them? You shouldnt do that.
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    YIKES, never post your phone number on a public forum.
  15. WOC's are so hard to find, but i found one in orange county yesterday and decided to pick one up