Ebay prices going up or down?

  1. I've been finding some Toki deals on eBay lately which is great, but it made me wonder if Tokidoki is going to continue to get more expensive to obtain than it has been, or if prices will slowly come down. (In which case I would slow down my buying until that happens!) For a while it seemed like prices were going up and up, now they seem to be creeping down. What do you guys think, will the scarcity of bags due to the end of the lesportsac collab make prices skyrocket or will less exposure make the Toki's slowly come down in value?
  2. I think that the prices will continue to go up as more new people discover tokidoki for the first time after all of the bags have already sold out. That's what happened with the L.A.M.B. for LeSportsac bags for a couple of years after they sold out.
  3. I find that prices currently are going down, BUT I know it will raise up in the future. Of course, tokidoki bags will continue on its line, but the lesportsac ones will go up later, maybe spring? Sad because I need some money and I have to sell some of my beauties and I know the prices will go up! They will have to anyways unless there are reprints :x.

    I know for sure during the Xmas season, the prices were pretty low for some bags.
  4. Maybe Toki prices are going down slightly as a whole, but Denaro prices are through the roof! It's ridiculous.
  5. I haven't really noticed, save for Tan Playground. Anything Tan PG has skyrocketed in price the past few months.
  6. I totally agree with you, Coug. I was bidding on a citta denaro for sister on eBay that ended up going for $127.50!

    I've also noticed a lot of eBay sellers relisting their Tokidoki items because at the moment they are just not selling for the high prices they've listed them for.
  7. I'm keeping my eye out for a few different bags. I've noticed that many sellers are only listing "Buy it Now". I wish more sellers would just have regular auctions. In the last few days there have been fewer and fewer listings. Are they waiting for maybe Valentines Day?
  8. I would venture to guess that the prices will go up over time as well. :sad: So, is it true that LeSportSac will be continuing the Tokidoki line without Simone on board? If so, does this mean LSS will be making reprints of the most popular bags or do you think that they'll have their own designers make new prints based upon what Simone has already created? Or has Simone given them certain permissions to continue the line and use his artwork? It'd be nice if could just sign another 2+ year contract with them. ^_^
  9. You lose too much money on auctions. The one time I auctioned 2 bags they sold for WAY LESS then what I paid so I will never auction again. I just sold 2 bags this week in less than 24 hours with BIN prices that allowed me to break even on what I paid.

    I think that's why fewer sellers are auctioning - it may be a "bargain" for the buyer, but it's a financial loss for the seller and what seller wants that?
  10. ^ True that's why those that have auctions have a reserve, but that's kind of rare.

    I find that auctions at times, starting out low, could get a lot higher than some BUY IT NOW. I always compare the Buy It Now and the auctions and I'm thinking, "Why don't people just get the Buy It Now, it would be a lot cheaper." I would definitely agree sellers lose out, but if they put it at the right time, it could be fine. I mean I find bids that end at noon and some people aren't even awake then! So it would be a steal for me :biggrin:
  11. I've noticed that sellers are totally re-listing bags and keep listing them until they sell, sometimes they drop the price everytime they re-list them..but its always the same bag!

    But overall, on Ebay I see the same bags over and over, and denaros are way too high, ...I mean $114 is alot for a wallet! Even if the print it PERFECT..its not "$114 perfect":nogood:

    I think that if sellers start the bidding at what they paid for it, then they will ALWAYS either break even or make a profit !

    Maybe all the tokidoki sellers are waiting for V-day??? I need to see more variety out there!
  12. The only Denaro I ever spent serious money on was an Inferno, but it was still under $100! I just don't get it. Nyshopaholic-- those CR Denaro prices are completely insane. It's not that rare of a print (judging by how many come up for auction, and the fact that I saw a bunch at Loehmann's within the last 6 months or so). Keep holding out! I'm sure you'll get one for a decent price eventually (hint: LJ) ;)
  13. I sure hope so, Coug! :flowers: She is super picky about print placement and her favorite citta/citta rosa character is the popcorn box, which must be very popular because denaros with that character go for the insanely high prices.
  14. I agree that the denaro prices are pretty high on ebay considering their RRP.

    I happily paid what I did for mine as I factored in Lesportsac not being available in Australia, and buying from places, for example Nordstrom, gives me no choice in print placement. :smile: