eBay Prada Trawling Strikes Pay Dirt Again

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  1. I. Die! :faint:


    This goooorgeous washed leather frame satchel is from 2007. It's a sexy shade of slate blue. Stuff some dollar bills in her buckles and she'll show you a peek of the inside. :graucho:
  2. [​IMG]

    Yes: it's real leather lining. Yes: it's as soft as it looks. :cloud9:
  3. gorgeous..congrats..u have great taste
  4. beautiful - especially love the color.
  5. Quickie modeling shots.

  6. Thanks, LV and SP!
  7. This is beautiful Elaine! I especially love that it is lined in leather.

  8. That picture makes me want to jump inside that bag!

    Great find!!!!
  9. PP this is a GORGEOUS bag!!!! I love the style and the color is great too. Congrats on your winning troll!!!!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  10. That is absolutely GORGEOUS! I love the BLUE! I have the giant version of this bag in brown. That washed leather range was the best ever! The leather is just spectacular and so easy to care for and the real leather linings are amazing! Congratulations on your find - I am very envious!!
  11. PP!!!!!!!!! Once again you are the QUEEN!!! You score the BEST bags!!! LMAO!! Does DH know about this?!?! Man is that gorgy or what? The color..the lining...jeeeez...can't stop looking at her..congrats my friend..you deserve her!!
  12. Thanks again everyone!! I just love this one. I've had two of the zip close version of this bag in the lighter brown color, but I just didn't like fumbling with the zipper and found them both new homes.

    When this totally rare blue baby with the snap closure popped up I knew I must possess!!! The year this color came out, I had my hands the satchel version at Bob Ellis in Charlotte, but even at that time, I was fresh out of surgery and it was also full retail plus tax (over $2000!!), so it didn't happen.

    This was definitely worth the wait. She even matches my Pousse Pousse bracelet! Kismet!! :yahoo:
  13. that's gorgy!!! congrats!!!!!
  14. oh my gosh, that is a gorgeous bag!! I never find ANYTHING good on ebay!!
  15. Love the bag!! How gourgeous is that colour! and the lining...wow