ebay/PP/signature conf. & insurance....

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  1. Hi all, How are you handling ebay sales that require signature confirmation (over $750) and insurance? My post office now says with their new computer system it is not possible to purchase both insurance (sig. required) and sig. conf.? Is there any way to do this to be sure I'm following PP requirements?
  2. called PP this morning and talked to both a rep and a mgr/supervisor -- both said the same thing - sig. conf. is required over $750 and the sig. that comes with insurance is not acceptable -- they had no idea how to get both services at the post office -- so frustrating.
  3. I believe that with the most recent postal rates change, there was also a change in the signature obtained with insurance. AFAIK, the insurance now shows online and that's why there's no separate option for s.c. when you purchase insurance. (And IMHO, ebay should know that!)
  4. thanks, BB -- I just checked my last two packages that were sent priority with insurance and no sc --- no signature was shown online for either of these and PP requires an online sig. showing for seller protection.....the insurance does track online now, but doesn't show an online sig.
  5. Were the last purchases $750+?
  6. yes - they were insured for $2,700 and $2,600
  7. The sig is visible online to USPS, though, and can be obtained by a customer if needed for a dispute, or at least so my local PO assures me. I wonder if this would in fact hold up with PP.
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  8. PP told me that they "might" view a sig. that was obtained by customer, but only after a dispute is filed, yada. yada, yada. They won't readily accept it and require a sig. that they can pull up online, like we used to do with SC. Why can't this just be simple for us -- sell us SC -- we want it, we're willing to pay a couple of dollars for it -- sell it to us!!!
  9. ^I know! I was shocked when the SC option fell away for insured items over $500. Ridiculous that Paypal hasn't stayed in step with this move by USPS.
  10. I read somewhere that if you are buying postage at the PO, ask to have the signature confirmation added first, followed by the insurance. That is supposed to trick the system and allow you to buy signature confirmation plus the insurance. I haven't tried it, I prefer UPS over USPS in most cases.

    Kind of ironic that we are trying to give the gov't more money and they refuse to accept it ;)
  11. I sent an item last week and tried to purchase SC, but the clerk said that she couldn't add it. She said that because the item had $800 insurance, a signature was automatically obtained. I was nervous but took her word for it. Tracking it on the website, it did say that a signature was required.

    On a separate note, I returned something to Tradesy using their USPS label, and they sent me an email a few days later letting me know they received it. When I looked online though, it is still saying it is in transit - delayed and no updates for over 2 weeks. Because of the value of the item, there should have automatically been a signature but it was never obtained
  12. A signature is required on insurance over $500, but that signature is not viewable online, which is what PP requires.
  13. Apparently it HAS changed and I was able to find the documentation on the USPS website in the Domestic Mail Manual:

    4.3 Basic Standards
    4.3.1 Description
    c. Insured mail provides the mailer with a mailing receipt. No record of insured mail is kept at the office of mailing; however, the USPS maintains insured mail delivery records for a period of time. An item insured for $500.00 or less receives a delivery scan. An item insured for more than $500.00 receives a delivery scan (includes returns products meeting the applicable standards in 505) and the USPS obtains and provides the recipient’s signature as the delivery record to the mailer electronically (excludes returns products). Customers may optionally obtain a delivery record by purchasing a hardcopy return receipt (Form 3811; also see 6.0 excludes returns products). Customers may direct delivery of mail insured for more than $500.00 only to the addressee (or addressee’s authorized agent) using Insurance Restricted Delivery (4.5).

    Because it's electronic, it'll be accepted by ebay and Paypal.
  14. When you sign up for USPS updates, the signature is sent to you by email. I would think that this would be suitable for PP should there be an issue with the shipping?
  15. My understanding is that Paypal requires the ability to view the signature online.