Ebay powerseller accusing me of selling a fake...HELP!!!!

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  1. Hi All,

    I'm having one of those fabled "bad buyers"...the only thing is that this buyer is also a powerseller, and a reputable at that.

    I am a relatively new seller, but I have gathered a small amount of feedback verifying the fact that I only sell authentic items.

    Let me give you the run-down....

    I sold an authentic LV Hard Case with Mirror, vintage used condition...here's the original auction:


    I've already forwarded this auction as well as my pictures to the authentication portion of TPF.

    Anyway, here's what I found in my email today, regarding this item:

    "I received case and brought it to LOUS VUITTON at Lenox Mall in Atlanta, and spoke to the store manager who examined it yet had concluded that item was not to be authentic therefore not in fact a real Louis Vuitton. I wish return for refund since the item received was not as described/promised. I will be waiting for your respond as how to best resolve this issue in a professional manner.
    Thanks in advance,"

    Very cordial. Here's how I responded:

    Hi...I have taken this piece to Louis Vuitton here in Hawaii for shining/repair estimates and do have a copy of the work order. It is indeed authentic and the fact that Louis Vuitton here in Hawaii was willing to do repair work on the piece proves its authenticity.

    If you did, in fact, authenticate this item, please forward any documents stating the findings. I encourage you to confirm your finding with caroldiva.com and obtain a letter verifying the authenticity of the item. When you get these documents to me, stating, without a doubt, that the item is not authentic, I will then be happy to provide a refund.

    I am confident that this will not be case.

    I look forward to hearing from you. "

    And in an email immediately following:

    Also, in addition to any letters you may get from Louis Vuitton, caroldiva.com, mypoupette.com etc. proving that the piece is not authentic LV, please also forward to the name and number of the manager from the Louis Vuitton boutique you visited.

    Thank you."

    I've already emailed ebay, and am awaiting a response from them. What do you guys think? Too strong?

    My problem is that the monies are still not cleared within paypal. I don't want them to decide to refund her so I'm out of the money AND the case. I know that the buyer has good feedback, but I can't help also thinking that my case could be switched with a fake one when it is sent back.

    I need some words of advice, encouragement etc.

    I really appreciate you all letting me run on and on about this thing...but it really concerns me!
  2. Powerseller does not mean honest. Did you check her feedback on www.toolhaus.org?
  3. I wouldn't be worried about getting a fake one sent back. If she does which I doubt it will be easy for you to identify it through the photos. It is hard to find a fake item like the one you sold. I don't even know if they make them. Even though many people are scared of powersellers because they feel they might know more about lux items or fbay in general you handled the situation perfectly. You were not rude, but very assertive. You should fax the receipt from Hawaii to fbay-paypal if this gets out of hand. You handled it very well and am waiting to see what she says.
  4. I thought you handled it well, too. I would NOT trust the opinion of an LV store associate or even manager, sorry - especially if it is a vintage item. You definitely did the right thing, IMO. Keep us posted!
  5. Have it authenticated by Carol Diva.
  6. LV manager/SA are not reliable sources for authenticity. Ask him to authenticate w/ caroldiva
  7. If your auction is still up, you could email to Caroldiva for a pre-opinion. I think she will give a verbal opinion of an auction for $5. (NOT an official written letter) And forward same to buyer, perhaps....
    A written letter will cost you more, but my experience has been that PP WILL accept her letters of AUTH & NON-AUTH.
  8. Thanks Kristinmcd....I checked it out...and there was a lot of bad stuff!

    I had no idea that thi sight existed!
  9. Thanks for your support as well as your advice. I was worried that I came on a little strong in my reply. No response from the buyer yet...still waiting.

    You know, there have been so many things happening on ebay, and for a seller like me who only parts with his things when he ABSOLUTELY HAS TO, it's becoming such a turn-off.
  10. oh, so sorry to hear you are having issues.

    My last horrible transaction on eBay was a powerseller that accused me of seller her a fake Coach, then after I found out she did this and other BAD feedback things often.

    I think you did a great job stating the proof you had and asking her for hers.
  11. Powerseller status means nothing. You responded exactly as you should have. Don't sweat it. You cannot prove that an authentic bag is fake.
  12. Thanks missbanff...you know, I used to work at Louis Vuitton when I was completing my masters studies a couple of years ago...I guess I should know that. Some of the characters I met working there (who are still close friends) could've made the same mistake.

    I really feel sometimes that the managers are the be-all-end-all of LV knowledge, but I guess they're human and make mistakes.

  13. Tomodachi - thanks, friend! I guess the whole pwoerseller thing got me worried a little.

    hide_fiend - Thanks for your response and your help.

  14. Thanks Ellie Mae - I was going to go ahead and do this...I'll be sure to pass on my original photos. How much do you think a letter would cost?
  15. coachfreak - I'm so sorry that this has happened to you too....may I ask a question?

    Has it turned you off to ebay? I know I feel like it's kind of not worth it...I guess for me, not being a "professional" seller, I feel that sometimes it's WAY too much trouble. A situation like this worries me, keeps me up at night, and frustrates me SO MUCH!