Ebay Potential Negative Averted


Jan 31, 2013
Brea California
I love to read about your Ebay experiences, and some of the stories are scary! Thought you might be interested in a potentially tragic (for me) Ebay sale that turned out well.
I sold a New Coach Purse and shipped it same day to Hawaii. I shipped from California on Friday and it arrived on Monday. Buyer wrote to thank me for the fast shipping, said the purse was beautiful. But... then she added that the purse had a strange smell, and what did I think she should do?
I was so upset, I wanted to cry. I would never knowingly sell anything smelly, and it didn't smell when I packed it. I have a really sensitive nose. I was ready to quit selling on Ebay, figuring maybe I didn't have what it takes.
I Wrote her back and apologized. I didn't see any point in trying to guess what the smell was from. Since she seemed to like the purse, except for the smell, I asked if she wanted to try airing it out for a few days, and I told her I wouldn't spray it or put anytbing on it. I also told her she could return it and I would give her a complete refund, including return shipping. I would be losing money on the whole deal, but it has always been my policy to issue a refund without a lot of questions. The next morning I checked my Ebay Account and I almost fell over. She had left me glowing, positive feedback, with no mention of a smell.
She had emailed to let me know the smell was gone, and was it possible it came from the box? (Probably not, it was a new USPS shipping box). I think it was probably the leather, but I really don't know.
This experience restored my faith in Ebay Buyers.