ebay poster says that CHANEL OWNS tk

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  1. Tanner Kroelle .... Is That Right?

    Also, If You Look At The Pix The Have Posted Of The Brown Coco Cabas, They Have Listed, It Looks Alll Wrong To Me. Mine Is Caviar Leather , The Same Size As The Medium Vinyls Or A Satin And Same Shape ... Only Diff Is That It Is Brown Leather ...

    Am I Losing My Mind?

    And ... The Prices, I Paid Over 2000 Dollars For My Cabas, On Ebay You Could Get Yours For Less Than 300 ???? How Stupid Do They Think We Are????
  2. you didn't link anyone/anything for us to look at{?}

    I agree, any Cabas under $1k is counterfeit.
    No idea if Chanel owns TKroelle
  3. Yup..they thght we are stupid. So girls..pls..if they are the latest items this season...why are they so cheap ? :yucky: So don't be conned into buying arrrr