EBay plans to pull back from the Chinese market

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  1. EBay plans to pull back from the Chinese market by shutting down its main Web site there and replacing it with a new site that would be largely run by a Beijing-based Internet company, Tom Online. eBay plans to announce that it is taking a 49% stake in the new site in a partnership with Tom Online. Up till now, eBay had operated its own auction site in China.

    From a news alert from the Wall Street Journal.
  2. :yahoo: It's about time! As ebay sellers, we had to pay more fees and end up with ridiculous spam every day from china counterfeit sellers, get our pics stolen and have tons of fake items from china ebayers clogging up our searches. :cursing: I report the spam and fakers all the time, and a big thank you to all who did the same, hopefully from now on ebaying will be less exasperating