eBay pics

  1. someone is selling the same exact item that I have listed. I took a number of pictures of my item. This other seller used a photo from the designers website. I have reported them more than once, and their unauthorized pics are still up on the listing. I thought that was not allowed. Does anyone know for sure?
  2. It's not allowed. When did you report it? Sometimes it takes a bit but it will eventually get taken down.
  3. I reported each and every one of this sellers listings 3 times approx. 3 weeks ago. Like I shared in my original post, this seller's stolen pictures are still up and running and she/he keeps adding more. eBay sent me a generic run of the mill canned response. It's so frustrating to encounter these cheaters, especially when it takes hours to take pics, load them, provide thorough descriptions. I can't believe that I'm the only one reporting this person. If I were a buyer, I would want to see an ACTUAL photo of the bag, not a picture from Neiman's or wherever. In addition, as a buyer I want to know that the seller has the bag in her/his possession, and an authentic photo provides that. I don't want and won't bid on an item if the seller can't take his or her own pictures. I don't care what the reason is.
  4. Oh I get it..eBay hasn't taken it down yet because it wasn't your own pictures that were stolen, only from a website.
    Yeah that can be really frustrating, unfortunately it doesn't seem as if eBay cares much. :push:
  5. I'm unclear. So is it against eBay policy to post website pics?
  6. Well, technically it's against the policy to post any pictures that aren't yours (unless you're selling an item and include maybe one pic of a celebrity with the piece for reference). However, in order to report them and have them taken down, you have to be the owner of the pics that were stolen. So basically, unless the Neiman Marcus site (or the site where the pics came from) would complain about ebay using their pics, then nothing will be done about it.