eBay pet peeves! Post yours!

  1. Sellers who won't leave feedback until the buyer does. I don't feel as appreciative of the seller if he doesn't give me feedback first. If I paid within a reasonable length of time and wasn't a PITA, then why wait to give me feedback? Even if it turns out that you are a terrible seller and you shipped me an item not as described, so I am going to complain - I still did everything I was supposed to do as a buyer so I deserve good feedback immediately after payment.

  2. But sellers don't know if you're a PITA buyer until you leave feedback, then we know you're happy with your item. I've left feedback for a buyer as soon as I shipped the item, then I get a difficult buyer with buyer's remorse, etc etc. And they've already gotten glowing feedback from me. As a seller I like to know my buyer is happy (and I know when I get feedback) then I leave them feedback. It's nothing personal with me, just how it best works for me.:smile:
  3. One sentence descriptions, and those same sellers than don't want to answer questions.
  4. I feel like sellers that do this are trying to extort good feedback from me. When I get nice, friendly feedback from sellers before I even receive the item, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. I am more likely to be forgiving of minor annoyances like a not quite accurate description or poor packaging. Like I said, my obligation as a buyer is to pay - that's all. Sellers can't say anything bad in feedback anyway so what is the point of holding back?
  5. Sometimes sellers get hit with a scammer (like I did my first sale out in years) and had I left him good feedback, he could just go on his merry way smiling that he got away with it again. It really is sad that a few bad apples really have spoiled the pie of eBay.

    I also agree that it gives time to work out any issues and to make sure a non-scamming buyer is happy and all is well with the sale. It's not extortion at all.

  6. I agree!

  7. My point of holding back is since I can only give positive I do not want to increase their feedback if they turn out to be a PITA buyer or attempted scammer. I'm not trying to extort at all. I send a card with the item thanking my buyers and saying if they are not 100% happy with the transaction to please contact me before leaving feedback to give me a chance to fix things. With all the crap going on with eBay (and it's just getting worse) I think all sellers should hold off til they hear from their buyers. IMO both leaving feedback should be the last 2 steps of the transaction.

    Whateve, you seem like a forgiving buyer, but a LOT of buyers would jump the gun and leave bad feedback for something little without giving the seller a chance to fix things. Then on top of that they got their positive feedback increased.
  8. Just asked a seller for more pictures of an item since the two she's posted are blurry beyond belief and show no details of the item at all. Sent email asking for specific shots. Get a reply saying 'yes the buttons have xxxxx written on them and it's got a belt in the back. Hope this helps'.

    Not really...:rolleyes: If I can't see the item myself I'm not about to give you my $$$ for it. :wacko:
  9. This is a new one for me.

    I can't ship to certain countries because of VERO trademark infringement but someone from one of these countries was not only able to order but make up their own shipping cost to ship the item.

    Ebay, of course, was no help.

    The item costs at minimum $14.00 to ship and they added $3.00 for shipping. I've contacted them but haven't received a response.

    Looks like I'll have to eat $11.00 in order to ship the item. I don't want negative feedback.

    Yep, that's what it's come down to.

  10. Well you can always cancel the transaction. Next time try to send invoice asap after listing ends.
  11. Listings with no pictures! Well, it´s pretty obvious that you´re a scammer if you do that IMO. I recently got scammed and the person had 9 listings running with no pictures. I obviously didn´t see that until it was too late.
  12. Just happened today: I asked a seller if there were any marks or signs of wear on the inside of a bag (photos were not provided) and if she could send me a photo of the interior. She responded by saying, "Yes, there are normal signs of wear and no sorry, I don't have a picture right now."

    Oh well...
  13. I think one of my biggest pet peeves on Ebay would be when you purchase something you think is brand new, the item comes broken (the clasp on the JC clutch I recently bought), the seller responds in the most rude way when you contact them and then in the end you have to pay for the shipping back just to get your original refund.
    I understand that Paypal is stating that you would have to drive to a store when making a return but for broken items...I highly doubt you would have purchased a clutch in that condition and walked away in the first place.
  14. I just found this: http://pages.ebay.com/help/sell/contextual/buyer-edit-option.html
    Apparently the buyer gets to pick their shipping amount if you don't specify shipping costs for their location! Why does ebay make it so hard? Obviously if you don't provide shipping costs, you don't want to ship there. It also says that you can ask them for more money.
  15. I hate the new automatic shipping options. Even though I've set you my ebay account to only sell to buyers in the United States; when I list something it automatically ticks international shipping. Some times I don't pay attention and when I do realized it is too late. Like today a buyer from the United Kingdom buys was able to buy shoes even though the descriptions in bold says shipping in the United States only. The problem is even if I let the buy pay it won't allow it because my account is set up to only accept purchase for United States buyers only. Now, I am an the mercy of the buyer to cancel the transaction or else I have to pay the fees and get a neg.