eBay pet peeves! Post yours!

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  1. So, a huge pet peeve of mine is when I have a Buy It Now auction for $300 and someone messages me asking if I would take $250. Um, no. I don't have a Best Offer option. So irritating!

    Another pet peeve is when someone has an item for $25 and the shipping is $20 - shipping for such an item (cosmetics) should be $5-6 USPS Priority! I guess that's a way to dodge seller fees? So ridiculous.

    I had a cosmetics lot up a couple weeks ago, with a very fair price on limited edition items. After the auction ended after not selling, a potential buyer said they'd be interested in the lot. So, I listed it again. 7 days goes by and no bids. The auction ends again. I get another email from the potential buyer, who seems really flaky now, saying they "might" be interested. I am assuming they wanted me to lower the price or sell outside of eBay. I just ended up keeping the stuff. So annoying! The price was more than fair. If you want it, buy it!

    I hate eBay but it's the easiest way to get $$ on bags I don't use any more. I hate the fees! If I have a bag on Bonanza and Feebay, the Feebay bag always sells 1st. Bonanza just doesn't reach as many people as Feebay :sad:

    Non-paying bidders used to be a huge pet peeve of mine until I added the immediate payment requirement to my auctions. Eat it non-paying bidders! I'd rather risk losing some buyers that way then losing $$ from a scammer! I figure you don't have the option to pay a couple days later if you buy something from Nordstrom's, so why can't eBay be the same way? Buy now, pay now.
  2. BNWT...means, brand new with tags! NOT used, even for an hour, tags removed and placed inside the bag.
    Very disappointing to receive a bag USED when you are expecting a new bag.
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  3. People who win, pay, then tell you to mark it as a gift for $20. I don't think so...

    Sure I'd love to break the law, have the buyer claim item not received and lose my bag, and my money, get an eBay policy violation record & risk having a criminal record to save someone 7-20%. Happened again today... ( receiving a demand like this that is...) and I will now have to relist. Thanks so much thoughtless bidder.:bagslap:
  4. -Buyers who don't read the description, then want to return because they have some problem with the item that they wouldn't have had if they'd read said description

    -Buyers who try to fake SNAD claims in order to scam a return when returns are not offered

    -Sellers who tell you the item is "not available" because your bid wasn't high enough for them


    Of course, the list could go on!
  5. Sellers that lie and state their DVF dresses are brand new or only worn for one hour, when in fact they bought their DVF used on ebay!!! Or they state the inside side tag or size tag was removed, because she felt it was bothersome. Right!!! How in the world can a dress be brand new if she removed the tags.

    Sellers that demand that buyers pay within 24 hours or they will relist, which this DVF seller does all the time. I see people bid on her DVF dresses then she has a hissy fit and relists the dress the next day if the winning bidder did not pay in 24 hours.

    Sellers that have also have 4 or 5 private buying ids and intercept auctions(that have bids on them) to then turnaround and resell these DVF dresses for triple the price. When this seller never even wears these dresses!! This is not fair to me or other ebay buyers that want to buy these dresses to wear. We do not want to buy them to rip off innocent ebay buyers like this seller does.
  6. The whole scammer SNAD stuff that people have been posting various threads on for a long time now. Buy for yourself to use or gift out or even to resell, but not to steal. This activity discourages honest sellers and will ultimately hurt ebay.

    Also PP telling people to destroy bags claimed to be fake, without allowing the seller to weigh in.
  7. "Manifesto" sellers who clutter up their listings with their biography, their business plan, and a hostile rant but only include one thumbnail sized picture of the item they are trying desperately to not sell.

    Although I don't see it as much now as I did in the past, I hate it when sellers add so many extraneous images to their listing that you can't tell what they're selling. Yes, you have a cute cat/dog/baby, but that's not what I'm bidding on. I hope.

    Sellers who use passive voice. This is a real push-button issue for me in writing anyway, but it is just irksome to read that an item "will be sent" or than an NPB report "will be filed." Nitpicking, I know. :smile:

    As a buyer, I'm also extremely ticked off at scammers and the way that PP lets them get away with cheating sellers out of expensive goods. This drives good sellers away from eBay leaving the rest of us online shoppers with fewer options. Besides, it is pure evil.
  8. I would move on from that if I were you. It seems to take up way to much energy.
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  9. Ouch, I think I type "it will be shipped in its box" etc. where that applies. Then, in my defence, English is not my mother tongue:biggrin:
  10. LOL! Like I said, that's just me, but I'm weird so YMMV!
  11. - Sellers who start their auctions low and don't put a reserve on to save fees, and then refuse to sell as the item didn't make enough.

    - Sellers who charge a crazy amount for postage. I just don't bid on these on principle. Also some sellers charge quite a lot more than others for postage, and then the item turns up with no padding in a recycled envelope. I'm not going to believe that the envelope justified the extra £3 you charged.

    - Sellers who don't send items, and then make up a dumb excuse like "I was busy because I was moving house". Perhaps if you knew you were going to move house, that wasn't the best week to list all of your stuff on Ebay.

    - People who list items with a vague description and poor photos. I may well want to buy your item, but we'll never know, will we?

    - Just a pet peeve of mine: people who don't use any punctuation at all. Doesn't make for easy reading.

    - Not really so much a problem, as I've got some great bargains this way, but people who insist on modelling clothes which clearly don't fit them. If something is 2 sizes too small for you, the best way to show it off is probably on a mannequin or a hanger, not yourself.
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    ^Yes--and along those lines--buyers who ask you to model the item you're selling, regardless of the possibility that the item is not actually your size or it doesn't fit you. Since I include a lot of stock pics now, I don't really get this anymore, but when I did, it was kind of gross.

  13. Wonderful thanks for asking!!!:smile:
  14. Lol...you're a good sport :smile:

    When those HP Touchpads went for $99, tons of people grabbed a bunch to sell on eBay for $300, and I can't even get one for myself :P Ah well, that's the way the game is played...sigh.
  15. Buyers who bid and then ask for special favors:

    "I will be leaving for vacation to X, can you ship to my hotel?"
    "Please ship to my aunt's house, she will then mail it to me to my house here in Amsterdam."
    "Can you just ship regular USPS and adjust the shipping?"
    "Please don't do signature Confirmation since no one is home during the day."

    I mean, I make all my policies so clear in the auctions! That is, when I did sell.
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