eBay/PayPal wrong account... HELP!


in the fast lane.
Jun 27, 2006
I just recently started to sell some of my items on eBay and I realized for two of my listings that have already sold have the wrong PayPal account address ( my PayPal e-mail is different now and I don't have access to my old e-mail)

Now, I consulted the PayPal people and they told me to ask them to cancel the payment, but one of my buyers told me that I need to solve the problem because she already paid and it went through!

I personally think it's not possible because I don't have access to the account and PayPal says that "The information doesn't match our records. Please try again."

I have no idea what to do and I'm at a complete loss! HELP!
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Apr 8, 2007
So is the other still open?
Can you log in w either of them?
Or you can tel her to call up paypal and have it cancel?
Sorry,I can't help