ebay/paypal question, need advice!

  1. I sold a bag on ebay - the buyer paid right away - I instructed paypal to credit my bank account. The question is this: Can I safely ship the bag before my bank shows receipt? The buyer is pestering me as to when I will ship - It's the weekend and I won't see the money hit my account till probably wednesday - should I ship monday? will I put myself in jeapardy by shipping early? I really appreciate your feedback on this.
  2. I always ship as soon as I receive payment. I only ship to Confirmed addresses though (unless I trust the buyer and the circumstances are extreme enough to make an exception). PayPal has the ability to reverse your transfer at any time, so even if the funds do hit your bank account, they could pull them out again for whatever reason. I have never had this happen to me, btw.

    Did your buyer give you a confirmed address? Does he/she have an excellent feedback rating? The decision is ultimately up to you, but as long as everything checks out, I think you will probably be OK to ship right away. This is what most sellers do, although I have had some newbie sellers hold on to my purchases until my funds hit their bank account. And how long that takes depends solely on the seller's bank and its policies.

    I'd go with your gut on this one. Good luck.
  3. No reason to wait for it to hit your bank account-once it gets into your Paypal account-it's your money-it's there. I ship as soon as it hits my Paypal account-oh-that is as long as they sent cash or bank transfer to Paypal.
  4. Thanks so much, I remember reading somewhere in this forum that it wasn't a good move - so I was hesitant. I appreciate your clearing it up for me.
  5. Paypal has NO legal right to go into your bank account to retrieve funds, but they can freeze your account with THEM. If they reversed a charge, they'd take the money out of that. If it's not there, they'll go after you. Paypal may be easy for both the seller and buyer, but if they freeze your account, it may take a letter from an attorney to get it out before 180 days have passed.