eBay/Paypal Holiday Coupon - 10% off a single purchase

  1. http://pages.ebay.com/holidaycoupon10p/

    I received this via email from eBay - it's for 10% off a single purchase and can be used one time only. I remember a couple years back eBay had quite a few coupon codes circulating but I haven't seen any in quite some time. The coupon says that it's only valid for eBay members who receive the email but I thought I'd pass it along anyway. The coupons that were issued a couple years ago applied to all members and those said the same thing -- it's worth a shot!

    For anyone who cannot access the link above, the code is CHOLIDAY0710P .
  2. Thanks! I'll definitely try it on my next purchase!
  3. They say it will only work for the account to which it was issued. Some got $25 coupons.
  4. hmm.. 'up to 100$', if i purchase something expensiver than that, it wont work?
  5. I think it means that you can save up to $100 - not that you can use it on a $100 or less purchase.
  6. oh, goodie.
  7. Doh, only US residents :push:
  8. ahh... then i cant use it either
  9. Has anyone actually tried using it?
    And worked?
  10. I tried, and it did not work for me, but it was a nice gesture.
  11. OMG!!! it worked it worked!! I've been searching google all night for a code, and I even posted a thread on deals and steals asking if anybody had a code. I just purchased a jacket for $160 and i got 16 dollars off!!! Thank you mokoni!
  12. How sad...the code worked when I typed it in, but when I hit "pay" it says the redemption code doesn't work =(
  13. Did not work for me, but I can't see Paypal giving 10% off if yu pay via Credit card, maybe only works if you pay via funded Paypal.
    Hope it works for someone!
  14. I rec'd the coupon from ebay in my email and used the code - it worked for me, I saved $20 (20% off my purchase) and paid using my paypal funds.
  15. I wonder which ebay users get the codes- is there a certain criteria? I WANT ONE!!! haha.