Ebay, Paypal email help!

  1. I sell alot on eBay. I changed my email address recently and changed it on my eBay and paypal accounts. I checked to make sure they were both working properly and they were. Now one of my auctions ended, and the payment was sent to my OLD email. It's not a huge deal now b/c I can still get in that email and check it, but its a pain to check 2 emails and in a month that one will be shut down. WHAT"S UP???? It says my new email is the primamry on my paypal account so why is it not going there????
  2. That does sound annoying. Just a theory -- did you list the item before you changed your email on your eBay/Paypal records? Maybe it stores it in the database at the time the listing is created, so the older listings will have the old email and new listings would have the new one? Total conjecture on my part, of course...
  3. You could be on to something... I did change it AFTER the item was listed....hhhmmmm:confused1:
  4. Anything listed in stores and auctions will have your old e-mail address attached to them. Just keep your old e-mail address in Paypal so you can collect your $$$. Doesn't matter if the address isn't working anymore.
  5. So will new listings have my new address??:confused1: