eBay - Paypal Discount Codes

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  1. I read about these new Paypal codes on another community, and I was wondering if anyone can confirm them. They can be used *once* each and they expire Dec 18th

    $5 off $50 code "C22-GiftGuide"
    $15 off $100 code "C23-GiftGuide"
    10% off ($25 max) code "C11-GIFTGUIDE"

    If you don't know how to use Paypal coupons, check out:
  2. Yes, I used the 10% off code. You input the discount code when paying with PayPal. I did not encounter any problems.
  3. Man...wish I had known about this a few days ago. I just won three items over $100 each on eBay.
  4. Thanks New Convert for confirming that they work - it's been a slow couple weeks for me on eBay so I haven't really purchased anything to check them out.

    Now I can't wait!!
  5. yay , i am so going to use that code on the Louis Vuitton fucshia purse that i have brought yay yay
  6. Oh MAN! I just spent $1200 on my sis gift from ebay!! I wish i know this earlier!! :sad:
  7. Wish I'd known it too. Just bought something I could have used them. :noworry:
  8. I used the 10% coupon today and it worked. Saved $25.00. :biggrin:

    Thank you.