Ebay/paypal Credit Card Scam...beware

  1. i Want To Share A Recent Experience With My Fellow Ebayers/forum Members: Starting In January I Began To Recieve Samples In The Mail...skin Products, Dr. Suess Books, And Other Bizarre Items I Never Ordered. After The Second Delivery I Called My Credit Card Company. Long Story Short, Seems Someone Hacked Into My Credit Card Information And, As A Trial, Signed Me Up For Monthly Clubs. These Clubs/promotions Offer Your First Sample For A Nominal Fee But Automatically Sign You Up For Monthly Charges/deliveries. The Hackers Apparently Think They Can Get Away With It Since The Initial Charge Is Low...often Under $10.00. I Only Use One Particular Credit Card On My eBay/paypal Account So I Must Assume The Hackers Used This Info Somehow...the Credit Card Company Was Great And There Were In Fact 8 Different Charges, Some Of Which I Did Not See Yet When I Called. I Also Called Each Company As Soon As I Received Anymore Samples And They Cancelled The Pending Monthly Orders Once I Told Them Of The Fraud. Sorry To Be Longwinded But I Had Never Run Into This Type Of Scam Before And Want To Give Everyone A Heads Up...if You Get Anything In The Mail You Did Not Order...call Your Credit Card Company Instantly And Change Your Passwords On All eBay And Paypal Accounts. I Had To Sign An Affadavid For The Cc Company And Stll Have To Watch My Bills For The Next Few Months In Case Something Slips Through...
  2. What a hassle and how unnerving for you! :s

    Thanks for the heads up, kalodie! :flowers:
  3. Interesting. Thanks for the info!
  4. I hope this doesn't happen to anyone else...but if it does I hope I helped by calling attention to it. On the up side, I got to keep some samples...after I called each involved company they credited my account and told me to keep whatever I was sent...my nephew was thrilled with his sample run of Dr. Seuss books...
  5. Shocking what some people will do for money :nuts:
  6. That's really scary. I'm glad it's all working out for you Kalodi1
  7. so sorry for your troubles! thanks for the heads up!