EBay/ Paypal codes???

  1. Hi!! Does anybody have any eBay/paypal codes that they could please please share with me? I'll :heart: you forever!!! Thanks =)
  2. I got an email a few days ago about getting 20% back from stores participating, overstock.com among others. I dont remember but there was a big list. check www.myjaco.com for codes.
  3. ^ Thank you, that was really nice of you!! Unfortunately, no eBay codes...although there are a lot of other really great codes haha
  4. Anybody else have any gift certificates or coupons they can PM me? I'll owe you forever...
  5. CHOLIDAY0725D for $25 off any purchase over $100 if you pay with PayPal. Good for items ending before 18th December. You enter the code into the PayPal website where it asks for any sort of promotional codes. :smile:

    I used it this morning and it works. :smile: It's one per email address.
  6. Thanks for the code!
  7. Thanks, but didnt work for me :shrugs:
  8. ^ any idea why not? There's a graphic on eBay.com's main page that is a green digital coupon that if you click on it, it'll tell you the info. :smile:
  9. Mine didn't work either... it says "This Redemption Code cannot be used from your PayPal account"
  10. Sometimes the codes are only given to selected people...that's why it may not work for everyone.

  11. Yeah, if you receive and email with the coupon then you can use it because it is linked to your paypal account (email address), not everyone can use it. I think that is why is not working for any of you guys. I have one that I wont use but no one else can use it because it will work only when I pay with my paypal account. I dont really need anything from ebay right now.. :sad:
  12. Hm. Odd. I didn't get an email from eBay or PayPal. I just took it off of a link they had on eBay's main website. It was up there up until yesterday. I don't see it right now, but it could be part of their rotating banner ad.
  13. The code they sent me, (or was linked to my account) was viewable on my ebay pages - until I used it. Mine was hanging out in the upper righthand corner, when I used to the offer/link disappeared.