Ebay Paypal Code! Why?

  1. Oh why oh why can't I find just one little ebay paypal code! Just a little 10% or 25$ off one would be fantastic! That actually works for once :crybaby:
  2. if there's one i would like to know too please!:flowers:
  3. Well, you can't find one because there aren't any out there. PayPal codes are VERY rare and are usually sent out to targeted users only. Don't hold your breath for one...
  4. i got a code for 10% of my next fashion purchase from ebay...BUT i'm not sure if it would work for anyone else, since it specifies logging into my paypal account.
    worth a try, i guess.
  5. you get codes based on joining power sellers, platinum sellers etc. that's how i have gotten my codes. and they are one time use then expire.
  6. Sometimes Paypal does have codes that work for all. a good place to look is Reesycakes.com...there was one for 5% off but it looks like it expired. the code was SEASON, doesn't hurt to try it.
  7. paypal have never given me any codes and i have been a member for 6 yrs and i'm also a powerseller. last yr around the holidays there were codes that worked for everyone though.
  8. Yeah, I don't really understand how they choose who gets the codes...I just enjoy it when they have codes for everyone.
  9. Same here :Push: I will call them and ask, maybe it helps.
  10. Some codes was working for everything