Ebay/Paypal & Authenticity Questions

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  1. If you buy a bag on eBay that is not authentic, I know that eBay & Paypal will help you to get your money back.

    However, if in the sellers auction, they state that they charge a restocking fee for returned items, are you obligated to pay that amount even if the item is fake?
  2. Good question. I read something of the same scenario before and they had to pay the restocking fee. It's not right though. Not sure if that's the policy.
  3. From what I know, if you file a claim with Paypal, you get all your money back including shipping regardless of "restocking" fees. As long as you returned the item & have proof (delivery confirmation) that you sent it back. Please correct me I am wrong.. =)
  4. HELL no. If they sold a fake they broke the law. Their "restocking fees" are BS!! If you file a claim with paypal and they find in your favor, the seller can kiss ALL of the money you sent them goodbye. Don't send anything back to the seller until paypal decides the claim, btw! ;)
  5. Wish I had known that earlier! I sent mine back and sucked up that bogus restocking fee.
  6. Nope...paypal will refund all of your money...but you are responsible for the return shipping cost.
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