ebay...outbid by you-know-who

  1. was outbid by "bid-2-win"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! grey city 06 for around $700.:sick: :cry:
  2. aw, girl - you should have bid higher (just kidding sweety - I know how that goes...) it was a great deal. That was a taupe '05 city!!!! :smile:
  3. Who's that? Is bid-2-win well known? Whoever he/she is, they a great deal for a city...
  4. hmmm, i emailed that seller who was adamant that it's more similar to the gallery picture, and she kept on saying it's grey just like the picture and that the picture was not an accurate depiction of the true color. so it's a taupe city?!!!!!!! YEEEEEEEKS! maybe bid-2-win won't pay and I'll get a second chance offer. HAHA.
  5. ...yeah it was definitely a taupe city. I considered it, but I really dont *need* it so I refrained from pressing the 'bid now' button hehe.
  6. bid-2-win is someone who has been bidding on ALOT of bbags, won an auction by a PFer and didn't pay!!!!!!!!!
  7. Fingers crossed for a second chance, didi! But yeah, that was definitely an 05 taupe (including the A tag for s/s 05).
  8. YEEEKS, that makes me more sad cause the taupe is such a lovely color, and i would like that better than a grey. I just checked the auction again and apparently somebody else bid after I did, but before bid-2-win, so I won't even get a 2nd chance offer....=( OH WELL, guess I'll hold out for the greige.
  9. astounding deal! that's beautiful...I completely missed it ...taupe leather always looks insanely smooshy. didi I would count on that second chance offer ....hope you get it
  10. aw didi :heart: don't worry sweety - there will be another one that will come along that is just meant to be..... whenever I lose an auction - you know there has to be a reason... and in due time you'll see why! :hug:
  11. oops sorry that you were third....yes it was a hidden gem, wasn't it?

    Edit: like mimi says, you'll get yours too :smile:
  12. Oh! thanks didi, I am behind the loop :amuse:

    Sorry you didn't get the City, I'm sure you'll get the next one... :yes:
  13. lol i was watchign that auction end....very pretttttttyyyy
  14. Hmmm...does anyone have the auction number? I didn't see this one. Love the taupe color!
  15. everyone's sooo kind! it was just not meant to be. but i won't be surprised if she doesn't pay for it!