Ebay out to get sellers? New item view...look!

  1. According to eBay, when a buyer rates a seller, a detailed rating of "4" means "Fast shipping" (not fastest)...but this seller who has a 4, gets a warning.


    eBay appears to be testing a new View Item page that breaks the page into modules and places sections under tabs. Sellers on eBay's Seller Central discussion board began discussing a Completed Item listing that displayed in the new format. It's not clear how the original poster obtained the link, but eBay has been exposing a certain percentage of users to various new formats and features as part of tests it has been running on the site for over a year.
    Attention focused on a call-out in red letters on the page in the Meet the Seller section that stated, "This seller has low ratings for Shipping Time." Mousing over the Seller's DSR ratings show he has a 4.0 out of a possible 5 stars in the DSR criterion known as "Shipping time." eBay introduced DSRs (Detailed Seller Ratings) in 2007 as a way for buyers to leave anonymous feedback for sellers in four areas. Many users indicated they thought it was not right for eBay to draw attention to the "low" DSR rating and wondered how eBay would ultimately define low ratings.
    The page also changes the section of the Completed Item page called "Similar items from all eBay sellers," which normally contains hyperlinked text linking to similar active listings on eBay, moving them instead to the top of the page and adding pictures. Directly above is a similar box called "View more items from the same seller." It also moves the Shipping & Handling section, turning it into a tab that has to be clicked.
    eBay rolled out an enormous number of changes in 2007 and has said more changes are coming as it tries to improve the buying experience. If this listing is part of a test, eBay is sure to measure the effectiveness of the design and placement of page elements, but it may be a strong indication that it is considering breaking sections into individually loading modules.
  2. oh wow that sucks. 4 isnt even considered slow! oy, ebay...
  3. ebay is really against smaller sellers!
  4. Way to "improve the buyer experience" -this is where the extra $$$ in fees goes - to support more lame technology. The DSRs are not effective at rating anyone realistically. Example: sellers with free shipping get dinged on the S&H charges, how crazy is that? Free shipping gives sellers 4.7 in that area alone? How is that possible? What they should do is hire more people to police listings, hire them right off the community boards, even off this forum. There are plenty who would do it even without hired pay, they could use incentives, discounts, coupons, for these members. The only reason sales have dropped down consistently over the years is consumer confidence in the actual product. It is not customer service, nor shipping time or costs, yeah those are part of the equation but in a much minor scale than being able to be confident that the item is REAL? Most buyers stop themselves before they even hit BIN or BID its because they are not confident in that area.

    On the issue about shipping time, I have a 4.8 there, which appears to be the max for anyone with high scores (I have never seen a powerseller with a 5.0) Here is what most of my feedback looks like:
    Shipped super-fast. Great seller
    Fast shipment! Here before other items I had bought days before! A++++++
    shipped at the speed of sound. Beautiful product. Packed with care
    such quick delivery - fab purchase
    etc, about 98% make a comment about the speed of shipping, NOT one single buyer has ever complained (not at least since DSR ratings started) so why on earth is my rating 4.8 and not higher.
  5. thanks for posting the image! I was about to click and realize I'm on strike hehe. But that is just NOT right! When a 4 to buyer means 'quickly/satisfied' why does eBay turn around and post seller as SLOW in RED!?!?
  6. I don't like this at all. I send items out the next day, yet my rating is 4.5. My feedback also has buyers thanking me for fast shipping. WTF??
  7. Great just great.
  8. Bear in mind this "low" rating is taken over a period of time, and when you consider there are fractions of percent 4 is actually quite poor. Most sellers are around the 4.5 mark
  9. That is just ridiculous. Do we not pay ebay enough to sell our items in the first place?!
  10. They've lost it. Just another way to screw over the seller who has NO CONTROL over what some nutcase can do to their star ratings. My rating for shipping time is 4.9 (96 ratings). I ship within 24-48 hours. I'm happy with my rating (for now) but this does not take away from the fact that eBay is making it very difficult for us. It's almost like they're looking for new ways to make it more and more difficult. I wouldn't be surprised if they were trying to faze out the smaller seller.
  11. Wow, what the heck is going on with ebay?

    I totally agree with the ^ post- a lot of people don't accurately rate with the stars system because it's blind. I have a 4.8 rating for shipping and I ALWAYS ship the same day payment is received or the next day if payment is received at night. And I use priority mail- so they get the item 2-3 days after they pay. I always track the packages and have never had one take more than 3 days to get there- which I think is great shipping time. Of course a 4.8 isn't bad, but it's just proof that people don't accurately rate.
  12. ebay is getting worse.. wat the hell....:tdown:
  13. I wonder what you have to do to get a 5?
  14. Son of a ....

    Ebay is REALLY starting to piss me off!