eBay or some where else

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  1. Hi all. I've got a handbag that I'm wanting to sell. Is eBay the best place to sell it in terms of time?

    I'd really like to sell quickly if I can so I can make some room for something else :smile:
  2. If you don't have a history of selling expensive purses, then Ebay might not be the best place - it depends on what the item is.

    Take very clear photos (lots of them) and you have to list it, I think, for a week. I don't think Ebay lets you do 3 day listings in the purses category any more.

    Otherwise there is Craigslist.
  3. Or Bonanzle...I mean Bonanza.
  4. I've had some luck with craigslist but not always and sometimes you get buyers who flake out and don't meet up
    And it's no fees
    But I also sell on eBay when items don't sell on craigs
  5. If I were you, I'd go the consignment route. Too risky to use the bay in my opinion but to each their own. :nuts: