Ebay or sales?

  1. Where do you think you find the best prices? eBay or shopping the sales posted on tPF? Before finding tPF, I always used eBay (college student, low on funds.) Now I've been shopping around, what do you think?
  2. I say sales because if it is a known authorized seller you know the item is real.
  3. depends what you sell, really.
  4. I'm kind of down on eBay now becasue of all the scams. I think there are some terrific sales in the stores and at sample sales if you have access to them. What about resale shops?
  5. depends on where you live AND what you sell! LOL

    In my area, the particular brand of items I sell often sell for a LOT over retail at resale shops (yes, even preowned). So they're not a source of inventory for me at all.
  6. The best deals I've ever found were on eBay, but there are some pretty awesome deals in Deals & Steals, and if you can get to sample sales then I think you're set.
  7. Live in New Orleans, never heard of a sample sale there... Anyone know of any?
  8. it all depends on the item you are looking for, if it is older, ebay might be the way to go, if it has been recently discontinued, the outlets.. and some dept stores do sales once in a while...
  9. Just remember: if it's readily available to YOU, it probably is to a lot of other people too.