Ebay or Paypal Codes?

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  1. Hey Fabulous Stylish Gals,

    Does anyone have any eBay or paypal codes to share?

    Please PM me if you have any.

    THANKS!!! :flowers: :heart: Bubbles
  2. pmed you!
  3. hey! i have been lookin for some for a long time too! can someone send me any if they have --THANKS!!:heart:
  4. I can NEVER seem to find an paypal codes..if anyone knows of any it'd be great!!!! :nuts:
  5. Oooh, me too, me too! :yahoo:
  6. I would love to be PM'd as well! I'm always looking but I never find any.
  7. What in the world is a paypal or eBay code?
  8. I guess...if there are more to spare, I'd like one too :smile:
  9. I want one, toooo..

  10. Can I get one too??
  11. I dont get it! Whats an eBay code?
  12. I'm kinda lost too? ebay and paypal have discount codes??? for what?
  13. could someone PM me with a paypal or ebay code too?

    thanks so much!!
  14. If these Paypal and ebay codes exist, why are they being pm'd and not shared openly like all the other info so gladly shared? Just curious...
  15. paypal codes let you take a discount off when you buy something using your paypal account (ie.ebay) i'm not really sure why they can't be openly shared maybe because they're so hard to come by? hth
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.