Ebay or Paypal Code -- do these ever exist???

  1. does anyone have a code? I've never seen one but the sites let you input a code.
  2. They exist but I haven't personally been able to use one that worked since about March 2006
  3. yep. Paypal had one not too long ago.. I think aroudn the winter time and they gave you $20 back. You had to sign up for it though.

    not so sure about eBay.
  4. They seem like such a rarity!
  5. And even when offered rarely seem to work as they put so many T&C's is near impossible to qualify for their use :mad:
  6. i remember ther being one on Paypal in December.....nothing since though
  7. The ones I have seen recently have been a rebate you receive several weeks/months later, not a coupon code you enter when you pay. I have not seen the codes where you enter and get instant discount in about a year.