Ebay or paypal charge back?

  1. Hi,

    I was thinking about selling my Gucci bags and read a thread about charge back? What is that? I am worried about selling on eBay due to bad review of higher price items.

    I sold my other Gucci bag a year ago and refunded some to the buyer as i over priced him for the postage. The refund went through fine but i got an email from the buyer saying it didn't go through right and to send it again. He emailed in a different email. I don't know if all the eBay reviews is affecting my views on this subject but sounded like fake email. So i didn't respond and since paypal say it has refund has cleared there was no problem.

    I think eBay is convinient and have bought bags with no problem. I would like to use this but how can i make selling safer? Are there ebay sellers here? What do you do?
  2. Sorry to sound ignorant but don't know much about problems that can occur.
  3. I have sold on eBay for 5 years with no problems until recently when I had a fraudulent chargeback made against me form a buyer in the US. She made the chargeback after 3 weeks. Any postage out from the uk is pretty slow and i told her before she bid it can take anything between 2-4 weeks for delivery. I sent to her ocnfirmed address to, anyway she put a chargeback in saying she didnt authorise the transsction.
    I have 8 personal emails off her asking for extra pics and details and proof of delivery etc - this happened 2 moths ago, my money is still on hold the case is still being reviewed!
    I have sold internationaly for 5 yrs with no probs- due to this one chargeback I have decieded ro just sell to the uk.

  4. I'm so sorry to hear this. Royal mail sucks. I sold a book to US buyer and took 2 and half week. I paid international signed which extra and still took along time.

    I have read somewhere, that some buyers claim this so they can get their money quickly if they start getting nervious. I must admit i would too if it took that long. Since you did inform her... I know it aint your fault and I know what Royal mails like with their constant strike and all. Last time they were on strike i never got any mail for a whole month and thats no exaggeration!!!

    I saw another seller from UK uses FEDex and charges nearly the same as you would pay for Royal mail. Goodness know how she can do that.

    I really hope you sort it out soon.

    Its a shame that Gucci don't have anything like LV has on ebay when it comes to authentication. I notice some seller offer authentication on their listing. IF anybody know otherwise let me know please. thanks
  5. i wish i could let you know but i dont know of any. Have you checked the forum????