Ebay or outlet?

  1. I am getting ready to get my first full size Coach purse. YIPEEEE. I got a beautiful wristlet off of eBay and now want more!! I live about 3 hours away from a Coach outlet. I have a friend who is a complete Coach junkie and says we need to go the outlet, but the trip keeps getting put off. Should i pick out a great purse on eBay or are the deals a lot better at the outlets??

    Thanks, Jes
  2. I would say with either the outlet or ebay you have a win/win situation... it depends... on ebay you are goin up against other people that want the same purse, whereas if you are at the outlet the purse is right there to buy without having to wait 7 days or so to know what you are gonna pay for it... but sometimes ebay has has great finds that you can't even find at the outlets..., but if I had to choose, I would be planning that trip to the outlet soon! ... IMO :smile:
  3. While you can get great deals on ebay, I personally would start at the outlet. You see things you have never seen before, you can try stuff out, and you have the option to return if you decide you don't like it. My outlet always has an additional 20% off (sometimes more) so you can get some great deals.
  4. I would wait (if you can) for an outlet trip. I love the outlet! The one I go to almost always has a great selection. The clearance section is my favorite spot at the outlet, but great deals can be found all over the store. You just have to check all the price tags on things that interest you!!

    Good luck finding what you are looking for!
  5. I say outlet!

    Its too much fun to walk into the store and pick the bags up and try them on!!! On ebay all you get is pics so you cant really feel them at all. Not to mention that i've had some not-so-great experiences with buying bags on ebay... because i prefer alot of the older styles... and havent seen them in person... so a few of my bags have come out smaller or bigger than what i expected them to be...

    and there is also the possibility that you might end up with a fake from ebay....so i think its best to go in person if you can... :yes:
  6. Thanks so much, you guys rock. I was thinking the whole trying them on was a big bonus of the outlet. If it would ever stop snowing I will make a trip SOON!!

  7. Aside from potential fraud and the other concerns with Ebay... The outlet will usually be cheaper because Ebay sellers pay fees and usually shop at the same places you do for Coach...unless the seller works for a dept. store and gets a discount, that is. There are some sellers in the latter category that compete very nicely with outlet prices and/or have better selection for current retail items. In those cases, I have purchased on Ebay. I would advise you to comb Ebay first and then go to the outlet. Once you have an item in mind that you would like to buy, then you will know whether you can get it at the outlet and what the price is (you can call and ask them to hold it for you if they have it).

    I always go for quality at the best price..sometimes the bags have been handled so much at the outlet and are not in great condition, whereas many times the Ebay seller will "hand pick" items that are in better condition. I usually know what I want to purchase, though, and I'm simply making a decision on which venue to purchase it from. It's always hard to know what you are buying online, so for sure, seeing the item in person is the best thing. And not to mention is SO much fun to shop in person!! :tup:
  8. OUTLET baby! Make the trip you will be ecstatic I swear! You can see them IRL and try them on and hey it's almost like ebay too because there is always another person eyeing whatever you picked up and waiting for you to put it down so they can swoop in on it LOL!! I've had a mom follow me around the whole store waiting for mw to put my bag down hehehe!! I didn't by the way she's sitting in my closet with all her other sisters :p
  9. Outlet!!! I won't shop Ebay again for Coach. I've had problems with 50% of my purchases.
  10. Outlet! Every Coach fan MUST go through the outlet experience! It's sooo much fun! :nuts: It means more to see things in real life and try them on, instead of staring at pictures. Plus, you might find some other stuff that you would never have thought about purchasing, or had no idea it existed. When shopping on eBay, you have to know what you're looking for and type it in the search bar.

    Try to schedule a Coach outlet trip with your friend. It's so worth it!
  11. Definitely hit the outlet first...it will be worth the trip and wait! You will have a blast!
  12. Outlet!!!!!