eBay or not?

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  1. I was wondering how many of you choose to shop on eBay over going to the store or on louisvuitton.com.
    eBay has so soooooooo many lovely purses, but I'm always worried about their authenticity. Personally, if I'm putting down as much (or little) as $500 for a bag on ebay, I wanna know that its the real deal. Atleast with the website even though you'd probably pay twice as much or more for a bag, you're assured of its origin.
    How do you decide if an eBay seller is gonna send you exactly what he advertises?
  2. Always pay via paypal no exception, only purchases if you are 100% sure its authentic. Lots of pics and a excellent description is a must. Know your Louis, so do lots of research before you deside and go on the website and study. If I buy of ebay I get a bag or SLG in near new condition. I have now sold 4 LV items on ebay and have been happy with the price I got.
  3. As long as you get them authenticated Ebay can be a great place to shop. I find the problem is usually getting sellers to be cooperative in providing all the pics needed for authentication.

    Once you receive the purchase you can have the item re-auth'd and as Helina says if you pay by PayPal you have some extra protection if the item is not genuine.
  4. I've bought two bags in excellent, near new condition from ebay. Just make sure to have it authenticated here at TPF and as above posters said, use Paypal to be safe.
    A lot of TPFers also use Bonanzle (now called Bonanza I believe), as it charges less than Ebay.
  5. Buying off Ebay is kind of a leap of faith. Pictures can be perfect but you may not get sent that item! But if you do, its such a wonderful savings! I just got a LV bag and saved $600 off brand new price. This bag was purchased in January and in pristine condtion...I was so happy and relieved. Lots of nice people selling, a few scammers, luck of the draw I guess. And ALWAYS pay through Paypal and authenticate before purchase and after receiving. Sometimes fantastic bargains await you.
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  7. Paypal via CC & always within the confines of the bay, authenticate everything here that you are not familiar with, always communicate via eBay's message system. Those are my big three. Make those rules your golden rules, and you'll be fine 8 times out of 10.
  8. ^^I absolutely agree!!
  9. Only purchase from Sellers who have a lot of feedback and read it carefully. In addition to having it authenticated of course.
  10. I purchase and sell a lot of designer items on eBay. I always ask for more pictures (some sellers don't know you can host pictures on photo bucket for free and post them in the description, they only post a few pictures because eBay charges for each one). And if I am ever in doubt I have it authenticated here.
    I've had great luck with finding authentic bags for great deals :smile:
    I agree with Ms. P, stick to seller with great feedback. I also don't buy from sellers who only have 1 item listed, esp if it is expensive. I have a fear of them taking the money and running :P. But eBay should cover it if they do