Ebay Or New?

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  1. I am watching a Black Bayswater that is ending soon and the current bid is 330.00 GBP. The bag is authentic, but I am still a little nervous about spending that much on Ebay. What would you all do?? I am in the states so, no factory shops and no place
    IRL close by. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    BTW, this will be my 1st, so would new be more fun??:yahoo:
  2. If you're sure the bag is authentic then that is cheaper than you would pay at the factory shops.
    Personally I would go for new or try to get it in the sales at a mainstream store - but that's because I loathe ebay with a passion!
    Good luck.
  3. I would save and know for sure that at least I had a REAL mulberry and not always wonder if it is a fake.
  4. Yes me too, I would buy from mainstream stores

    I have heard that at the moment- with the dollar being so weak that you can pick up some amazing bargains.
  5. Thanks, ladies!!!
  6. If the bag is authentic and there is paypal protection then there shouldn't be any worries with buying on e-bay. If it's one of the well known sellers that has been authenticated on the 'authenticate this' thread then it'll be a safe bet and sounds like a bargain!
  7. I agree Ebay can be a bargain hunters paradise.
    BUT ensure that it is paypal protected, also read the feedback.
    Only pay with your credit card through Paypal, if it all goes wrong you get protection with your card and can claim a chargeback for fake items or items not received.
    Paypal should protect up to the limit stated on the auction site, however I think Paypal itself is rather useless, which is why I strongly recommend the credit card option as if you use funds already available on you paypal account, paypal will only claw back what is left in the sellers account, if anything is left!! (hope this makes sense)
  8. I've never bought from eBay for the simple reason that I am not sure if what I am buying is authentic or not or if what I see is what I'm going to get. And I've heard of the trouble and hassles in requesting a refund (if ever!).

    For a first Mulberry I would suggest you call the nearest Mulberry store (check the Mulberry site for the locations) and they will be more than happy to mail you your order. I did this and I was extremely happy with the service!
  9. I am not a Mulberry expert at all,and have'nt seen all of the styles yet,so this makes me too nervous to try my luck.If I managed to get one on a ridiculous bid like a tenner and it was'nt real,I would'nt be bothered that much. However,if I spent a couple of hundred and it was fake I would be devastated,and having the hassle of re-couping funds etc,from the seller or paypal really put me off.Keeps my obsession in check anyway!!!