Ebay or more "established" venues for bags?

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  1. Hello there,

    I've just recently become interested in designer bags and found this site. I'm absolutely wowed by how much you guys know. I've learned so much about leathers, checking ebay sellers' feedback for authentic goods, and just how many fakes are out there!

    For a first-time (or future!) purchase, should I buy something for a fraction of the original price on ebay (granted I get it authenticated here) with the possibility that it still could be fake; or if pre-owned, just a wee bit more used than I'd like? Or should I suck it up and pay full price at the boutique or dept store?

    For you seasoned bag buyers, when do you decide to purchase something on ebay rather than at Neimans or other "established" venues?

  2. If you are getting something for a fraction of its original price on Ebay it is either used, a model that's been around a while or a closeout that the seller got at an "established" venue for a fraction of the original cost and is reselling. If you're careful and do your homework you can save a decent amount. I'm currently looking for a specific LV for my wife. LV charges $720 at the store and the going rate on Ebay is between $500 and $600. Throw in my state's 7% sales tax and I can save between $170 and $270. You have to decide if $200 is worth the risk to you.
  3. I like Ebay as well but you have to be very careful. I have never had a problem with the new bags but in my case they always come close to what I would have paid online anyway but maybe can't find online. The gently used tend to be used and I have had luck with the like new bags. Just always ask before you bid if it's smoke free / pet free and check their return policy. Good luck.
  4. Lucky wife! I guess my next task is to train my husband to find a Bayswater for me. Thanks for you input.
  5. Thanks for the info, especially the real-life translation for "gently used." I always get so excited because the pictures ~look~ pretty good. But I just know I'd cry if I received a bag that's soiled or smells of smoke.
  6. I have saved hundreds of dollars buying new bags on eBay. I've found it is easier to get a great deal on lesser-known designer bags where there isn't as much competition because buyers don't know to look for them.;) There are hundreds of people on eBay competing for LV and Coach.
  7. For me personally, $200 saved is not worth the risk. If I get something from eBay, I will always have a niggling memory that it's from there rather than from the store. Plus there's no actual luxury shopping experience. But that's just me!
  8. I, as well as my friends, have had lots of bad experiences with fake bags on Ebay. I prefer to just check out the sales at high end departments stores like Neimans, Bergdorfs, Saks and Barneys for cheaper designer handbags.
  9. I'm the family retriever. My wife will say "I like this bag in X color" then I scour the planet and fetch it for her at the best deal.
  10. Kpassa -- are you for hire? LOL!
  11. The only time I'll purchase on eBay is if that is the only way I can get it. I'll do it for vintage or potentially next to impossible to find pieces but for anything current? I just won't do it. I have to want something particuarly bad to resort to eBay. Note, I know that eBay CAN be done "safely" but I just don't feel comfortable. I am not a risk taker in that regard.
  12. EBay used to be my only source of designer bags until recently when I've started paying retail for something I really want. I have found tons of great bargains on less popular designers like Dolce and Gabbana, Givenchy, Versace. You just need to do your homework regarding the seller and authenticity.
  13. I like the idea of going as close to the source as possible. Department stores, the actual store or the official online store. It is not worth it to pay hundreds of dollars for a handbag and find out later that it is fake or not in the condition as it was described. I have seen so many fakes on ebay that are labeled "authentic".
  14. I kinda prefer the lesser-known brands anyway--Mulberry, Celine, Kooba, Furla--because I just hate seeing SO many fake LVs and Coaches out there. I can't help it, it makes the real thing look less "special."

    By the way, I LOVE your otter signature.:love:
  15. That's totally what I'm afraid of. I'd rather go to Target and buy a REAL target bag than carry a fake whatever bag.

    Still, ebay with their picture galleries, cute little descriptions of where the bag came from, bidding wars... it's sooo tempting... :shame: