Ebay or Eluxury?

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  1. Okay, so I have been contemplating purchasing a LV Speedy. In the past month I've purchased a Chloe Edith and Paddington so I've spent a lot and thought that my next purchase should be something smaller...like a Speedy 25! My question is...is it worth it to go on ebay and potentially get a bag for 50% off or should I just buy it from Elux?

    How rampant are fakes on Ebay of Speedy's and if I decided to go the Ebay route would you ladies be able to help me find a real one? :shame:

    Thank you everyone!
  2. It really depends on if you want a brand new bag, or something cheaper that's used. Regardless of the overload of fakes on eBay, there are still many authentic bags. It's really about preference.
  3. If you find any Speedys on eBay that your interested in, put all the links in a thread in the Authenticate This! sub-forum, we'll be happy to help you out there! :smile:
  4. I think it just depends if you are looking for a brand new bag or not. I highly suggest buying from a MPRS, which you can find on mypoupette.com. You could also purchase a nice used bag from poupetteluxe.com.
  5. Go for Elux if you want a brand new bag at regular prices, you get what you pay for guaranteed w/ reciept. Ebay is good for finding seasonal stuff or rare items, not always brand new and no guarantee.
  6. Mom always says, "you get what you pay for." For authenticity and a peace of mind, pay the full retail price for the LV speedy at eluxury.com. 'Nuff said.
  7. I love ebay and have had lots of success there. I have bought epi, damier, and monogram mat items in excellent shape, really like new, and saved a ton! this forum will really help you feel comfortable about being certain that the item you are bidding on is authentic. Also mypoupette is wonderful, as others have mentioned. I have also purchased one new damier item from an LV boutique, but that's just too expensive a route for me to go too often!
  8. I love eluxury! I have bought a lot from them, and returned half of it. *LOL* You have 60 days to change your mind and it is super-easy to send stuff back to them. And I LOVE their LiveChat customer service. That way I can take care of questions/returns without talking on the phone and nosey people hearing me.

    There is something so special about a brand-new LV, and then later on when the patina is all your own. Just my 2 cents.
  9. Elux, I went through that question but I wanted to be sure and have the feeling it had only been mine
  10. Eluxury.

    For me personally, Ebay is a way to get hard to get/discontinued items only. For a Speedy, which will be here forever, I would buy it at the store/Eluxury.
  11. I like ebay - I love to save some money, and I hate the way the new vachetta looks. I'd personally rather buy a gently used bag that already has patina. And I can often buy 2 for what a new one would cost. It just depends on your preference.
  12. I think for a Speedy -- since there are so many out there -- you can probably find a nice one on eBay fairly quickly. But I would go with an MPRS. (That's how I got my 25 a few months ago. I did not save a lot, but I got one made in France, with just the very lightest patina and am totally happy).
  13. eluxury!! i love ebay but unless it's discontinued, i will always buy brand new. too many stinky LV's on ebay. it's been done to me and i see a post about it every other day. i don't think it's worth the risk.

  14. I agree with you.

  15. eluxury at least I know where my bags come from.