Ebay or Consignment Store?

  1. Just got done cleaning out my closet and now am left with a ton of stuff that I would like to sell. I haven't done ebay before and haven't had the greatest luck with consignment stores. Which selling method do you think I'll get the most bang for my buck? :shrugs:

    I've got mostly designer suits, blazers and a leather jacket.
  2. Oh come on, nobody has any suggestions or advice?
  3. You will get more $$$ on Ebay, but it is more hassle also. Consignment stores...you have to wait for the cash...and 50% of what they sell for isn't much compared to the 100% you will get on Ebay. :smile:
  4. eBay, I think. Remember, you have the option of either having people battle it out in an auction, or setting a certain price and having people make offers for anything below that.

    Are you part of the Marketplaza, or a similar "mall" on another forum? :smile: That might be an option worth exploring.
  5. I'd give ebay a try. Do a search, and see how much similar items are selling for. :yes:

  6. I agree. :yes:

    Money Rich and Time Poor = Consignment Store

    Time Rich and Money Poor = eBay
  7. Aww thanks so much ladies :love: . All your comments were very helpful. I think I'm going to try ebay, but being that I've never sold on ebay isn't it going to be difficult to get started as I know whenever I buy something on ebay I make sure the seller has a good history.

    Well, either way, someone's got to get started some where right?!

    BTW, love that comment:
    Money rich and time poor = Consignment store
    Time rich and money poor = Ebay
  8. ^ You have a very good point. :yes: I think it's hard to start selling designer items straight away, with no feedback from buyers.

    If you've been a member of eBay for a while, have good feedback from sellers and offer returns, for any reason, you might make people feel more comfortable, though; as a lot of regular sellers state in their auctions that they refuse to accept returns.

    Another thing to bear in mind, is that if you accept Paypal - with those and the auction fees, you have to be prepared to lose about 10% of the final price.

    If I were you, I'd definitely set a reserve and/or have a BIN price, otherwise, you might be better off at the consignment store!
  9. go for ebay if you have a lot of time...
  10. ^^Thanks again for the input!
  11. good luck with ebay
  12. Let us know how you get on. Im interested to hear how selling on ebay goes. I need to clear out my closet and I was thinking of selling items on ebay.
  13. Bumping this up because I am having the same dilemma...

    I've got a few nice, almost new dresses (Badgley Mischka Platinum Label, Theory, Kay Unger...etc) for sale. I had little time so I brought it to a local consignment store. Unfortunately, after 4 months, there were no takers so I have them back now. IMHO, I thought that in these economic times and with the mint condition of these dresses, they should do ok. So my questions are...

    1. Should I try another consignment shop?

    2. With no selling feedback (but I have around 5~7 positive buying feedback) on e*ay, should I try selling them there? I have little to no experience selling online so it's slightly more intimidating. However, it sounds like it could be more financially rewarding.

    3. What are your strategies in making your item more attractive in a consingment store?

    4. If you are in the Bay Area, any recs on decent consignment stores?

    Thanks so much!
  14. If you are selling on ebay, even if you have a low feedback score, the key is a detailed description, and lots of good clear pictures. You might want to try Auctiva to cut down on fees for posting pictures. Also, be nice even when potential buyers ask dumb questions, and respond and ship quickly. Good luck!
  15. I'd definitely say go for ebay.
    Selling can be such great fun, I always end up constantly checking if my items have been bid on!
    I think as long as you have some positive feedback, and you provide lots of information, people will trust you!