ebay or aloha rag? Please help me decide!!

  1. I'm torn.. I've ordered two b-bags from aloha rag and am currently undergoing their credit card security check., which should take another day or two to be completed. However, upon browsing e-bay, I found my dream b-bag color, in my dream style as well, which I thought was completely sold out, at a very reasonable price!!!:love:

    The bag is authentic, as the seller is a known PF member as well, however she does not have the receipts as her previous seller didn't provide one. I'm just afraid that someday if I want to let go of this bag, it's going to be hard to re-sell it as I wouldn't have any proof of authenticity.

    The b-bag at aloha rag is not exactly my favorite color, but aloha rag does provide receipt and the feeling of getting a fresh new bag is incomparable :heart:

    Advise please... Should I change my order with aloha rag and buy my dream b-bag from ebay, or should I forget about the ebay bag?
  2. i'd totally go with "aloha-rag" girl, because in my humble opinion, you can't trust 99% of the designer bags on e-bay :sad:
  3. i have a different opinion. IF you can authenticate the ebay bag for sure, and that's really your dream bag, i would say you should go for it. i think so many people now have become educated about real and fake bags that not having the receipt doesn't stop people from buying a bag on ebay. anyway, we all know that receipts can be faked! i think if the paperwork is missing, though, it should be reflected in the price.
  4. thanks for all the reply... it was listed in the bag hunter blog so I'm pretty sure it's authentic... well "buy it now" price is not really that different though.. only about $100 lower than the retail price..

    I'm sure that now people would know which bag I'm talking about ;)
  5. hmm, i say get the bag you truly want~!!! you can always sell it without the receipt, as long as its authentic!!There are ppl selling fake bags with fake receipts on ebay......
  6. i've bought bbags without their receipts from reputable selllers and have been able to sell them just fine when I've wanted to. Remember receipts and such can be faked anyway. I always look for the pictures when I cruise ebay.
  7. Also if its your dream bag I doubt you will be selling. And of course you will still get the feeling of owning a new bag as you have another coming from AR.
  8. LOL the other bag I'm ordering is actually for a friend of mine as she is underage and doesn't have her own credit card :smile: So it's not actually mine.. We order the exact same bag though (rouille city), so I guess since I'll be the one opening the package, I'll still have that excited/warm/fluttering feeling of opening the package ;)
  9. As long as you remain aware of the risks you are running when buying on eBay, you should be fine. Just know that problems can arise, and hope you are dealing with an honest seller. Remember you can always protest in case the bag turns out to be a fake. Paying with Paypal should help.
  10. This is all very good advice! Aaallabama makes a good point, too. If you buy it from AR, you know for sure it's authentic and you'll have piece of mind. But, if your heart is set on that Ebay auction, I'd check out the info on LP's ateliernaff site and post a link to the authenticate this thread just to be sure. If it is authentic and it's your dream bag, go for it. :smile:
  11. If it's your dream bag, I would say jump on it. But otherwise, I would definitely recommend AR to anyone looking to purchase a B-bag. Also, if you tell us what color it is, you could also get some recommendation on how hard/easy it is to find too. Hope this helps and Good Luck!!!
  12. I completely agree with BalenciagaLove! Great advice! Follow your heart and get your dream bag, but only if you are sure of authenticity. Otherwise, AlohaRag is very reputable and you can rest easy about auth!
  13. it's a rouille city VS ink city!! :smile: and based on the posts by other members in this forum, i thought ink is quite a hard color to find??
  14. quik update: the ink city has been sold anyway :cry: I was waiting or the reply from the owner as she has not replied me back, and now my dream bag's gone and I'm stuck with my rouille city..
  15. oh no, bakaneko! don't be sad :cry: !! I'm sure other Ink Cities will come up on eBay and you have all of us to help you with authentication!!!

    Give your Rouille a try for a while...you may love her!! And if you don't you can always sell her for your dream bag.

    There are a bunch of PFers who have Rouilles and :heart: 'em, if you want support! :flowers: