eBay Oops

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  1. I screwed up big time. It was my first time ever listing on eBay and so I didn't realize that listing two LVs was a no-no. Anyway, I was so busy posting my second bag i didn't see the message telling me I was exceeding the sales limit and bingo - I consented to be billed for both. However, I couldn't edit either listing and even though I deleted the second listing, I couldn't re-list or edit the first. AND I'm still being billed. I'm waiting for billing customer service. What a PITA! Did this ever happen to anyone else or am I the only spaz on this site?
  2. you prob got the listing limit because your new to eBay contact eBay billing and tell them you want a refund back on your card
  3. :wtf: Is this what ebay is doing now? That's so not right!
  4. Thanks. I used the online help chat and they fixed it. I still feel like a spaz though.