eBay oddities

  1. too many red flags here for me... I would pass & fnd it elsewhere...
  2. Can you post the link in the Coach Authenticate This thread? I would be curious to see if the bag is indeed real. That's just an odd response after a simple request for a pic of the creed.
  3. I would have written her back and been like.. "I already know the number on the label is (insert number here). These numbers are not serial numbers, and are not specific to the individual bag. The first set of numbers indicates the month and year the bag was made, as well as the factory it came from, while the second set of numbers is the style of that type of bag. All of this particular bag will have the exact same numbers on the creed."

    Some people are, well, stupid.
  4. On a side note, English may not be the seller's first language. I wouldn't automatically rule a seller out for reasons regarding grammar or spelling. Heck, I think the majority of Americans lack the ability to formally communicate through writing.

    (sorry for any typos! I'm using my iphone)
  5. Anyone who doesn't understand Coach serial numbers isn't qualified to consider themselves as experts who claim to have never had any problems. That just means their buyers are even less educated than they are.

    Find another seller, and tell this one to do a little research on those serial numbers.
  6. Oh ya sure I can! Let me go through my eBay messages and see if I have them still. Sometimes when I'm on the mobile app I get delete happy & I might have because this turned me off completely from the seller.

  7. I feel this way too, I think that if someone is going to be selling something then they do need to be better educated on the item no matter what it is. I'm a nurse, you don't see me trying to be knowledgeable about and sell lawn mowers (or other items for lack thereof better examples lol).
  8. Here is the item # from eBay. Since I am on my phone I'm unsure of how to exactly post the link to the auction. I love a wide variety of coach bags & wanted something in the new dream c pattern, but will await a better price (I've found hippies for around $85-$95 new on eBay) or will find the pattern in a wristlet for inside a purse just for a punch of color. I will also post a new link to this thread in authenticate this!! :smile:
  9. I was thinking this as well. This is the type of seller that may unknowingly be selling a fake. Stay away.
  10. If I got that response from a seller I'd move on. There are a lot of fakes on ebay and buyers have the right to question and ask for additional pictures of a item they are considering. The fact that they jumped on you claiming that the item is authentic and refusing to send you pics you asked for is a big red flag in my book. I don't care how many positive feedbacks a seller has or if they are a "powerseller" that doesn't mean anything in my book if they can't be bothered to follow threw with basic CS with potential buyers.
  11. Sometimes it can be hard to get a super clear photo of the creed, or the seller may have already taken photos of the bag and put the item into storage and/or an inaccesible place. That said, I think sellers should be happy to accomodate anyone who wants additional photos or specifications about ANYTHING on ANY item. It may take a couple days, but they can get it..

    It's all about the customer. They could send you a private email if they don't want their photos stolen.. or images are EASILY watermarked.

    I'm as much a buyer as much as I am a seller, and if it takes more than a few emails, I'm out... buying gorgeous Coaches should be fun, not hard work :faint:

    One of the first rules of selling: Make it EASY for your customers to feel confident buying your product. Period.