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  1. I have bought quite a few bags from eBay and will only do so if I have seen excellent feedback of the seller, seen pics of virtually every side of the bag (including inside & creed), and have great communication from the seller. Now I did my normal of asking if I could please have additional pictures of a bag I liked & the seller did send me front, back, bottom, & inside but no creed pic. I emailed again & asked for the creed pic, to which the seller replied "what is this creed you are speaking of?" I then explained it is the patch on the inside of the bag that gives me the style # & date the bag was made. Here is my reply from the seller. Now please no one take offense to this if it is you or you know the person, etc. I am posting this anonymously and not including the sellers name but I jst wanted to share this because I felt it odd I had to EXPLAIN (to a quality seller nonetheless) what a Coach creed was and the response I got when asked for it.

    "I can assure they are 100 % Authentic bags, WE will not send pictures of SERIAL NUMBERS, we record this when they are shipped, so we have record of which one we sent, IN case someone wants to return the bag, They cannot send me a counterfeit back . If you are concerned about the authentcity, I can tell you one take a look at our feed back, or pleaes dont take it personal, But Do not purchase this from us. We have been selling authentic coach bags, and Apparel on eBay for years, and never and will never have a problem."

    End of rant, I don't take it personally, but just find it weird they won't provide me an additional photo to help with a sale? Any1 else have this experience or one similar?
  2. I haven't had that happen to me, but it sure would send a red flag! Kinda strange.

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  3. Certainly does throw up a red flag for me too. I wouldn't purchase the bag after that message.
  4. every seller is different. if they have good feedback and the pix they do send look good then id be ok. alot of people steal pix on eBay and do so to sell fakes, this may be the reason they dont send the creed shot.
  5. I did consider this, but they could watermark the image if they were that concerned with this happening. It jst sent up a huge red flag to me.
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    The seller may have sold many bags and have excellent feedback, but it is clear that she does not know the creed is not unique to the bag. It's is not a serial #. Nontheless, if the seller doesn't want to send a pic I personally would move on. GL.
  7. I have had sellers tell me they were afraid to post pictures of the creed because they thought other people would steal it and put it in their listings. Some people think that the creed still contains a unique serial number. Obviously this seller doesn't know much about Coach. Just because a seller has a lot of feedback or is a Power seller doesn't mean that they know anything about Coach. The sellers who do know something about Coach always put a clear creed picture in their listings without having to be asked.

    By the way, even if I were selling something that had a unique serial number, I would still provide a picture of it. If someone is going to steal my creed picture, they will probably steal my other pictures too anyway.
  8. I think it's weird but it sounds like the seller doesn't understand the creed Kant unique to each individual bag.
  9. Was this message quoted verbatim to us? Because there is a ton of misspelling on the response of the seller. Frankly, that alone would turn me off enough to decide not to purchase...as would not showing the creed. That explanation wasn't good enough...
  10. Exactly what I was thinking. I mean I HAD to explain what it was & then to get denied I was like welp nevamind!
  11. 100% verbatim. I copied and pasted from my eBay mobile app. I know it could be ok but I'm just rubbed the wrong way after a denial of a pic and having to explain what a creed is. And the jumping on the defense right away with, "if you are questioning the authenticity...." is too eerie for me.
  12. I always steer clear of sellers who get all uppity if you question authenticity. They should have no problem with making a buyer feel comfortable and answering any and all questions until the buyer is satisfied. Buyers have every right to question authenticity. There are way too many counterfeits listed on ebay that are described as authentic, that there is no way a buyer should just take the seller's word for it.
  13. This, FTW

    If a seller has ever declined to answer or gotten crabby with me about any question I've asked, I move on. Too much money can be at stake to pussyfoot around with authenticity.

    I'll go to the next seller :smile:
  14. I think some are making a bigger deal out of it than it is. I do agree that I would move on if a seller refuses to send me a photo, but I really think this seller is just not familiar with Coach bags. I've had a seller tell me they can't tell me the serial number because they're afraid a counterfeiter would get a hold of it, lol. Another seller asked me what the 'creed' was, but in her auctions claimed to be a huge fan of Coach. OP I think this seller is just ignorant (for lack of a better word) about Coach.
  15. I think ALOT of people that know a LITTLE about designer bags think that each bag has a number that is SPECIFIC TO THAT EXACT BAG!!! I'm not talking to a style but to the exact bag they have possession of. I thought this once upon a time for a VERY SHORT PERIOD OF TIME!!!

    I think anyone who has even the most BASIC Coach knowledge would know that the numbers are not to exact bags BUT to the style and possibly if the bag is signature or leather. I'd move on from this seller. She may have great feedback BUT THINK ABOUT THIS. If she has this little knowldge of style/serial #'s then how hard would it be for someone else to DEFRAUD HER/HIM!!!!

    It just dosen't settle well with me in any way, shape or form.