eBay Non-Paying Bidder List

  1. BLOCK HER!!!


    Wasting seller's time! Always promise: "will pay today" "will pay tomorrow" "payment willl be made" but untill over 2 weeks, RECEIVE NOTHING! and as long as I know, she's suspended twice by too many UNPAID ITEM STRIKE! Seller beware.
  2. Here's one that I am going to have to file NPB for today ... ugh! She won my Chloe Betty Hobo (#290164046866) and never paid, never responded to any email nor multiple invoice requests: wewe_gal
  3. Watch out for W00dyw00dyw00dy

    She bid on my auction (280138034463) and after a week of attempting to make contact with her, she finally answered my email and asked me to "cancel" her bid....errghhh!
  4. I have seven I will add in my next post but this one is important NOW

    Paid immediately through Paypal and handbag was almost in mailmans hans when I got an email claiming a HOLD on the Paypal account and the money on hold and couldn't be touched.
    I HAD given her a positive feedback so...too late to take that back....
    After 5 days Paypal issued the money back to her with no explanation why the sale did not go through.
    Within 24 hours she purchased AGAIN but this time I did not give feedback and held my breath and you guessed it.......Paypal HOLD....and Paypal will not give me the reason why it is held then given back to her but... dont send because others have SENT their merchandise to have the same thing happend it be toooooo late, item gone, payment returned to buyer.

    If this is an innocent mistake, I am sorry..but now that I have heard it happened to someone else, I don't want this person taking advantage of any of us so better to be safe than sorry.
  5. alexkohlman, alisha4u87, beedadiva, christymarie42, daniela89123, dharper2007, heatherh8715, hotmomof2boys, ilikecoach-2007, immaria29, janet726gym, kmill07, maggiele87, myjezzy2, soccercindy0802, soulreaver2099, trccstll13.
    Between my daughters selling and mine, this is our list of people who we don't allow to bid because of no payment, no contact, or just said "i changed my mind and am not going to pay"
    Some have tried to contact me to change my mind but when I thought about adding them back I find they have hurt someone else and the feedback verified my fears of no change.
  6. Brooklynbabe0 is a non PAYING ebayer!!!!!!!!! not once not twice but THREE TIMES and still not kicked off of eBay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hate her sorry. Not only did she not pay for my item but she had the nerve to leave me NEGATIVE feedback which i atcually was able to get taken off
  7. i would love to go on and harass all of these stupid ebayers!!!!!!!
  8. deals_at_fashioncorridor

    Nasty buyer! After I accepted her best offer, such she changed her mind and tried to say that pics I posted were for another color than item title.

    I clarified, NO respond and after a few times, tried to cancel transaction with her "story" :push:

    Block her, she use eBay just for fun and see how much offer that seller'll accept!
  9. bigmanistheman
    it seems that this buyer bidded my same item twice in Augest and October. In both cases she/he claimed that "the paycheck is going to be ready for mail" something. Last time after 3 weeks waiting, the id became unregidtered.
    item is: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=180168546523
    Gosh! This Gicci bag really cause too much troubles while I love it so much!!!
  10. i don't have any high price items to complain about because i've been lucky with those, but i have had some recent low-cost deadbeats.
    here are some that i'm listing all together so you can copy and paste, but descriptions follow:
    fairyprincess17, jamiesharee, hockeysweetie37

    1. claimed her 16 year old daughter used her account without knowing, and that her daughter would pay after she got her paycheck
    2. i called the phone number after 7 days of no contact and she said she would pay. claimed that another eBay user had told her not to do business with me (????)
    3. no response. ever. tried calling multiple times.
  11. lopmuti - 170156733553 - No communication and someone elses Paypal account has been used to make the payment. Have a very upset ebay user trying to get their money back after this hacking scam and I loose listing fees...never, ever send the item until payment has been received!!!
  12. kastarmer1 - 190162515060 - Ended my auction immediate payment required auction with BIN and sent an E-check on Oct 17, 07', expected clear date was Oct 22, 07', on the 22nd the expected clear date changed to Nov 2nd. Contacted buyer and she stated she'd check into it. I called PayPal and was told the payment was declined possibly to insufficient funds. Tried contacting buyer again and her account is suddenly no longer registered. She ended up emailing me with a story that her car was totaled and that's the last I've heard from her.


    If this were true it is something I'd be willing to do a mutual withdraw over, but she got very defensive and yelled alot in her email for me asking for payment. Luckily I did not ship before the payment was expected to clear.
  13. chakhan07

    -won my Gucci sunglasses and never paid, even though she was supposed to send a MO the next day from a city four hours away from mine! Never responded to my emails or NPB filed w/ebay.
  14. Bonoxmulderxsting- Bid on my Cabas Antiqua and never paid.
  15. I know that this is not the reason for this thread - to chat about eBay but, to list item numbers and non-paying bidders. (And since I myself play both roles on eBay and have since 2000, I think it's great on one hand to have a forum where we can scan and see bidders we'd be better off not dealing with. As well as I can also see where there's a need for a forum to vent some of our frustrations that follow with certain situations).

    It's not always black and white with each transaction and to think it is, well one would be kidding themselves. Yes, eBay can and is a business for many but, what we have to keep in mind is that many things do happen in life such as the above poster was trying to get across to the seller who was just following the NPB rules. As I said, we have to take each situation into consideration and things do come up and it's very, very likely that the bidder had a death in the family. I've had a similar situation and had about 18 sales close plus a business outside of eBay to run and night course in University to worry about. And all that I could do was to take a deep breath and deal with everything one at a time. Of course, when it's something like a death in the family and you're trying to keep things together, the last thing you want to deal with eBay, let alone school or work or really, anything. So if you're thinking that three days was ample time for her to take care of everything with you, to me that wasn't really being very considerate under the circumstances. There's time when you can bend the rules at your own discretion and if she sent that over to you, why not request a contact buyer and give her a call and feel out the situation? Cut someone a little slack, it's not like you know the situation and never really will. (Even if she was on eBay and bought 10 more things a few days later, that doesn't mean anything. I did a lot of damage to my credit card and do when I'm really stressed, unfortunately). I don't shop because I need to in those times, I shop because I'm trying to get out of my miserable state of mind. (I've got the handbag/shoe collection to prove it).

    Now that I've gone on too long here, I'll end it by saying that we need to have a forum on here for eBayers that seem to think that all of our lives have to be put second to eBay. Or that we have to schedule our lives around eBay - no matter what. (It doesn't happen that way and never will). Give others a chance and don't be so cynical.