eBay Non-Paying Bidder List

  1. Got the approval from Vlad to start this. There are guidelines to follow to avoid potential abuses.
    They are:

    • only list people who have flaked out on you for no good reason. (there can be extenuating forgivable circumstances - please be fair and resonable).
    • Please list the item number in question so members here could look up and verify it really happened and read the feedback as well.
    This list is only a reference. It is not meant to blacklist people for personal reasons. As a seller, it is something you can come and look at to decide for yourself whether or not you wish to block someone from bidding on your auctions.

    Please only post the members name and item # and a BRIEF description of what happened. No chit chat. Use PM for that.:yes:
  2. I'll stick it ;)
  3. WOW, great idea :smile: just wonder if we could post scamming buyer ID, too? ( use fake cc or told story & asked to ship to other country? )
  4. Ok, mine:

    - ttss3456

    asked to pay by paypal ( unconfirmed address ) then try to negotiate price etc finally, found her get 2 ( even 3 ) - feedbacks as NPB. Time waster!

    - ef8sir1988
    item #:
    did BIN then after a few days, said want to cancel transaction for these reasons :
    * item bidded by her friend hack her acc ( then after think her reason a little rid , said another reason ),
    * believe my item was fake :shocked: :yucky:
    then, I found she purchased for the similiar item in very very low price & 100% fake ( 180132127448 )
    beside it, also purchased many fake LV wallet :yucky: ( one of her "great" purchase: 330136783875 ) :lol:
  5. What a great idea.

    140133261295 - no contact at all.

    140139556917 - no contact at all.
  6. Could you list their ID so we could block them if we think they're time wasters?

  7. just wondering , what is eBay id?
  8. :yes: :yes:
  9. Please give the NPB's E-Bay ID - the item # alone is not much use. We cannot block someone if their ID is kept private.
  10. i am not sure i should be writing this on this thread but just a suggestion, if we have a list of non paying bidders (or problematic bidders), shouldn't we also have one about sellers?
  11. like fraudulent sellers? I think we have something like that in here....Fake E-Bay listings?
  12. Very helpful idea. One contriibution from me:

    ID - n3ighb)rhood-cds14ng3r
    item number - 190099835866
  13. I think i've been quite luck, I have never had a bad sale or experience on e-bay. I have had a few moment where i have paid and heard nothing for a week or so but nothing horrific has happened.
  14. sorry that must seem really "gloatie" i do feel for those who have had bad experiences though.
  15. Yes, we should have that information. You can tell from looking at a seller's feedback if they are chronic problem causers or if one buyer just had an issue. Mod's can you start this for us?:wlae: