Ebay non-payers??? Have a question...

  1. I had an auction on ebay that ended yesterday at about 11 am. I stated in the payment terms that payment must be received within 24 hours of the end of the auction. The auction had a winner, whom I invoiced immediately. I have not received payment as of now, and I have not received a response from my email asking if the winner still wanted the item. What are my options? I know the person has to be delinquent by a week to report them for non-payment, so I am guessing that is out. Do I have to sell to this person? Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Hello,

    Ebay's rules actually state that a person has 7 days to pay...so technically you cannot demand payment within 24 hours. Some people are just not online 24/7. Give them at least another 48 hours and then send another invoice,
    Be patient! If they've never had bad feedback for non-payment I'm sure you'll be fine!
  3. eBay doesn't let you file a NPB complaint until 7 days after, which kind of irks me if you have different terms. Blast that eBay !
  4. I also said in the auction to contact me if you have fewer than 10 feedback scores, the winner has 1. Are you not allowed to make those stipulations either?
  5. I would send the winner a friendly email reminding them that you'd requested payment within 24 hours and ask them to please let you know when they intend to pay. Good luck!