Ebay non-action on reported item

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  1. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Gorgeous-Krolle-Tanner-Dark-Brown-Suede-Leather-Handbag-w-Dustbag-/380861157851?pt=US_CSA_WH_Handbags&hash=item58ad1811db
    Title: **Gorgeous** Krolle Tanner Dark Brown Suede & Leather Handbag w/Dustbag
    Item: 380861157851
    Seller:fashiontrader91 (100% feedback)

    A while back I reported the above as a Tanner Krolle bag for - Listing practices/Search and browse manipulation/Misusing a brand name because while it has the Tanner name, there is no "Krolle" on the label nor anywhere on the bag. Besides Tanner Krolle uses a different label with the full name and the word "London" since it is a UK based company even if they have bags made in Italy. Ebay never took it down and the seller continues to this day to list this inferior bag as "Krolle Tanner".

    Is it not worth the time to report if I'm the only one? I doubt if any real Tanner Krolle buyers would be fooled with this bag but what about other brands like LV and Chanel? Or the seller and buyer activity resulting from below. Does Ebay need multiple reports to take action?

    Currently, an active listing of a Gucci store receipt along with dustbag and papers (no bag) has 3 bidders. I've reported it under - Prohibited and restricted items/Illegal items and items encouraging illegal activity but am afraid this will be ignored as well.

    Item title: Gucci RECEIPT & DUSTBAG
    Item # 261420225373
    Seller: pepe*2323 (100% feedback)
  2. I think the Gucci listing should be reported and taken down. eBay might do this.
  3. The Gucci listing poofed.

  4. Shady listings often end and are sold - eBay doesn't care all that much as long as they rake off their percentage :tdown: