Ebay Nightmare

  1. I was selling an LV item on eBay. I clearly stated in my auction I did not ship outside the United States and that I only ship to a Paypal confirmed address. Well....an international bidder won my item. I was not able to cancel the bid because he bid during the last 10 seconds of the auction. I checked the buyers feedback and is 100% positive but all of the feedback is private. He paid for the item immediately but did not include the shipping cost. He also emailed me with his shipping instructions, which included and unconfirmed address and his Fedex account so I could ship the item. I was in shock! :wtf: I refunded his payment immediately and informed him I would not ship the item because I did not ship internationally. He emailed me back and said that if I did not do what he said that he would leave negative feedback for me. I just started selling on eBay. What do I do? :cursing:
  2. I think eBay may be able to remove the neg. Don't let him threaten you. Tell him to go ahead and leave you a negative. You can leave him one as well with facts about what happened.
  3. you need to have it blocked in your selling preferences so that people outside of countries you dont ship to can't bid. I would refund his money in paypal and either relist or do a second chance offer.
  4. who cares about stupid neg feedback, it's not worth the trouble, one neg is no big deal
  5. I would say risk taking the negative feedback -report the buyer if he hassles you. He cannot threaten you if your auction clearly states that you will not mail the item internationally. Ebay rules and regulations clearly say that buyers / sellers cannot use the threat of negative feedback to get what they want.

    There have been many cases of people shipping to unconfirmed inernational addresses and that's the last they every see or hear of that item...and some months later the buyer does a chargeback. So you are out of money AND a bag.
  6. Definitely contact ebay about this. You clearly stated US only, so they should be able to help you out here.
  7. Don't let him blackmail you like that. If it was in the terms of your auction that you didnt ship worldwide & only confirmed addresses then ebay should remove bad feedback.
  8. You are under no obligation to sell the bag, because the buyer did not follow directions in your listing.
    Go to home page of eBay and click on LiveHelp to find out how to proceed.
    1. If you check your seller account (under eBay), you will notice that you have already been charged for the Final Value Fees. Therefore, you need to talk to eBayLive to find out if they can remove the fees for you right away or later.
    2. Also ask Live Help to refund your the listing fees, or procedure to get credit for relist.
    3. About the negative, again eBay Live will instruct you how to get it removed.
    4. Lastly, confirm in your Paypal that Paypal did not charge you anything for the round trip transaction.
  9. Don't forget to block international bidders in your selling preference (left hand side of your MyeBay page). If you are not sure, ask Live Help or search for the topic.
  10. I'm sorry that happened to you. He's sounding try to threaten you. If he leave you neg then why you didn't do the same?? Just tell him, he's the one who abuse your auction rules so he actually doesn't entitle to leave neg. It's rid if he do it :blah:
  11. Thanks everyone for your advice. I contacted Ebay and let them know what happened. They sent me an email saying they will investigate. I had to send them a copy of the email. I can't believe this buyer. If he leaves negative feedback, I will do the same. He wanted to make me feel like he was doing my a favor for buying my item. He said he has bought a lot of items and that sellers have always used his Fedex account. Well....not me. I will let you know if he leaves the negative feedback.
  12. You are completely within your rights to state the terms of your auction and he has no counter-right to insist you work to his preferences. I too had a similar situation that I posted about last week and thanks to the girls on here, I realised a firm approach was the way ahead. Stick to your guns - Ebay should support you.
  13. You did exactly the right thing, there are way too many international buyers doing chargebacks, and since there are no verified addresses on these purchases, there's very little protection for the seller.

    The buyer is trying what eBay calls "Feedback Extortion" & should be suspended.

  14. Thanks for letting me know. I just blocked international bidders. Since I am new to Ebay I didn't know this could be done. I know there are a lot of honest international buyers but unfortunately they cannot have their address confirmed through Paypal. Thanks again for the tip. :smile: